5 Skincare Essentials That You Must Have In Your Office Drawer

Skincare is essential whether you are a boy or a girl, young or old. Skincare can differ from season to season but it is an essential routine which you shouldn’t miss. However, in your busy office schedule, you tend to ignore it. Some basic things are mandatory which one must have in their office drawer.

Here Are Some Compact And Essential Skincare Items To Keep In Your Drawer

1. Face Wash

Face Wash
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Irrespective of the weather, having a face fash is must as it helps in clearing out the dirt and excess oil produced on your face. Washing your face twice or thrice a day helps in preventing pimples and infections. You can keep a small pack of your favourite face wash that will be compact and easy to use.

2. Cologne

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Smelling good throughout the day is an important factor and should be followed by everyone. Choosing the perfect subtle fragrance in the office will make you feel fresh all day. A small deo or a pocket perfume will do the needful.

3. Hand Cream

Hand cream
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Sitting in the office under the AC might cause dryness of hands and can lead to itchiness. Applying a hand cream in intervals will make your hands soft and smell good.

4. Lip Balm or Lip Cream

lip balm
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Dry and chapped lips are somethings we want to stay away from. Your lips do need some moisturization from time to time. Lip balms are handy, compact and a necessary skincare item which everyone must-have.

5. Sanitiser

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Staying away from germs is important keeping in mind all the hygiene. It is impossible to get up from your desk and wash your hands in intervals. Sanitizer is a handy and feasible option which you can use. It is also less time-consuming.

Hope you stock up your office drawers soon with these skincare essentials.


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