5 Proven Home Remedies To De-tan The Skin Naturally

While many dream of having tanned skin after knowing that sun rays can lengthen life, the bitter truth is UV rays will always do more harm than good. They oxidize the melanin causing your skin to look darker and if you take sunbath for long then there is the risk of skin cancer as well.

So, sunscreen is highly recommended especially during summers when the sun is at its peak and even the slightest of rays can severely mess with your DNA. Well, you cannot completely escape from the UV rays and skin tanning but with few natural ingredients, you can ensure that your skin has an even tone.

Read further to know how to remove sun tanning naturally at home?

Use The Power Of Sour And Sweet

home remedies to remove tanning

Lemon acts as a bleaching agent due to citric acid and honey soothes your skin. Mix the two and apply evenly on the tanned area. Just give half an hour to the ingredients for working and wash off. Add a little bit of sugar to enhance the natural skin glow and scrub gently to scrape out the dead skin cells.

Brightens Your Skin With Turmeric

remove tanning naturally

There is no doubt why turmeric is on the list, its skin brightening, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties ensure that not only your skin glows but also the melanin production remains in control. Along with Bengal gram flour and milk, the power of turmeric simply gets doubles.

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So, take only a teaspoon of it and mix with few drops of milk and a cup of flour. Apply the thick paste wherever the skin is dark and scrub gently. Wash off and tanning will fade away soon.

Papaya For Damaged Skin

remove tanning naturally

The cruel sun rays damage your skin from within by destroying the skin cells and stretching the small blood vessels permanently. This results in redness, inflammation, and irregular discoloration. If not treated, the skin becomes prone to premature aging.

Papaya is a cure as papain and chymopapain enzymes work on acne, damaged keratin, inflammation, redness, and clears pigmentation. Along with honey, it soothes and moisturizes your skin from within and also boosts its ability to fight the free radicals that are majorly responsible for skin damage.

Make a thick paste with 4-5 papaya cubes and honey. Mash the pieces well and coat the tanned area with paste. Wait for 30 minutes and wipe off the paste.

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Sandalwood For Your Face

Your face suffers a lot, right from the dust in the air to sun rays; all just damaged the skin cells, clog the pores, and suffocate your skin. All that natural glow just fades away within an hour so you need something gentle, cool, and moisturizing to remove tanning from the face.

home remedies to remove tanning

Sandalwood is a magic skincare ingredient that improvises the skin’s texture and decolorizes the skin tone. Use rose water with 2 tbsp of Chandan powder and massage the face using the paste. Repeat the process a few times a week and get the instant glow on your skin.

Tomato For Soft Skin

Don’t ignore the power of this juicy red fruit. The lycopene-rich tomatoes have the power to heal the damaged skin giving you a healthy and natural glow on the skin. Using this de-tanning, cleansing, and skin whitening agent twice a week will improve the skin’s color.

remove tanning naturally

For better results, use it along with 2 tbsp of yogurt which is again a very effective skincare ingredient.

These five ingredients are healthy and completely safe for your skin. Nevertheless, make sure you have no allergies to any of these. Simply consult a dermatologist before you use any home remedy to remove sun tanning.

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