5 Most Tempting Monsoon Foods That You Can’t Resist


Monsoons are have arrived in almost every part of India. We enjoy to get drenched in rains but we also enjoy to sit in our balconies and enjoy the rain with some hot snacks. Monsoon arrival brings an urge to eat certain foods and it also makes the rainy season more enjoyable.

Here are some foods to satisfy your monsoon hunger

1. Kanda Bhajiya/ Pakora

kanda bhajiya
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People at different places know this dish by different names and this is the first monsoon snack anybody could ask for. Kanda bhajiya makes the best combination when the clouds are pouring and making the weather pleasantly cold. The fried snack made with gram flour and onion with Indian seasoning of turmeric, chillies and some masala makes it irresistible during the rains.

2. Hot Masala Chai

masala tea
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The bhajiya can be best paired with a hot cup of masala chai. The soothing weather demands for the warmness of chai. Combine your snack with tea and you can enjoy your monsoons to the best.

3. Corn

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Corns and rainy season are synonymous. When it is drizzling your taste buds desire for hot corn with some lime and salt squeezed on it. Corn although a seasonal vegetable, but now you may find it available all over the year. But having corn in the monsoons makes it more delicious.

4. Soup

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Soup is a tasty and healthy dish which you can have during monsoons. You have numerous options of soups such as chicken, tomato, corn, and many others. This provides the taste you desire and good health. Soups help in building up your immunity as well.


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Samosa is a typical Indian snack which gives best for every occasion and season. Having a hot samosa would make your monsoons one of your favourite seasons. You can opt for different stuffings in the samosa-like potato, corn, dal or any other stuffing of your choice.

Enjoy your monsoons with these lip-smacking dishes that will surely satisfy your mid-day hunger. These snacks are easy to cook and are super quick.