8 Products you’ll never want to eat again after knowing the ingredients!


From Pringles to ready meals, jelly beans,  marshmallows,  and indeed Skittles, the food corporation is doing a great job at covering what really happens behind the procedure of making these famous foods.

1- Vanilla Ice Cream 

vanilla cream
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Many of us love vanilla flavored ice-cream and due to this, you might get pretty gross, however, truth to be told. the vanilla ice cream wasn’t always what it showed.

You may have heard about a rumor over some past years that some artificial flavorings like raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry are made from the secretions of a beaver? And that’s true.

The real name of this additive is castoreum, which comes from male and female castor sacs. 

2- Commercial bread products

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What does McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and Dunkin Donuts all have in similar? They all utilize L-cysteine as a food additive.  this acid enlarges the storage life of products like bread. Most commonly it is found in duck feathers, chicken and cow horns.

L-cysteine is unhealthy for the human body and it comes from China.

3- Red Food Coloring

Red color

You may have listened about this one before, however, if in case you have no, let me tell you the secret behind red food coloring. This color comes from anything edible like Candies.

The red color is extremely hard to produce for edible products. The red coloring we use in food is literally made of squashed bugs. Yep, disgust, crawly bugs

4- Jellybeans 

jelly beans
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So far we have done a pretty decent job of destroying ice cream and a lot of candies, well at least the red ones. With that said, no we turn our attention to Jelly Beans. Everyone loves these shiny, tasty, fruity, and colorful treats.

Isn’t shellac a glossy, shiny coat on nail polish or a car? Well, this is also on your jelly beans.  The sweet candy is made from a secretion of a Thailand insect named kerria Lacca.

5- Canned Mushrooms

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Most of the people know that canned items aren’t usually as good as the fresh stuff, but a lot of people consider them safe.  When you read the ingredients, you will not find Maggots there as they did not mention about this ingredient on the label.

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And FDA is totally ok with that!

However, Now you may change your mind after looking at this one. In the case of canned mushrooms, there are more than just natural mushrooms added.

6- Hydrolyzed Protein

hydro protein
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There are foods that are permitted to have some amount of foreign stuff in them, you may curious to know about hydrolyzed protein which you will get in things like funyuns onion ring snacks and so many works out proteins that people in gym use.

HVP is usually found in sauces, prepared soups, chilis, stews, hot dogs, etc.  this is added to the products to offer a savory, meat flavor called as “Umami”.  hen you check out the food label, you’ll find they describe it as “natural Flavouring” so be careful to look at the ingredient list.

7- Pringles


Pringles are among the most favorite snack and everyone loves them. They‘re easily available in the market.

One of the most dangerous ingredients in Pringles is Acrylamide, it’s a cancer-causing and neuroux chemical, is formed when carbohydrate-rich foods are made at high temperature, whether fried, baked, or roasted.

8- Marshmallows

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Everybody loves marshmallows. After all, what’s better fun that toasting some marshmallows and making s’mores over a nice campfire with your friends?

Marshmallows are made of three basic ingredients; Gelatin, Sugar and Corn Syrup. This sound good, but let’s dig more about gelatin.

Gelatin is a luminous, colorless material made from the collagen present inside animals. Yes, you read that rightly. Gelatin uses collagen from the animal skin, bones of pigs and cartilage, horse and cows. The gelatin corporations get the animals skin and bones from meat companies that can’t utilize them.