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5 Key Steps To Prevent Coronavirus From Spreading In Your Office

The worldwide spread of Coronavirus has scared people a lot. Due to lack of awareness and myths spread across the nation no key steps can be cited to note for the prevention.

The scare of Coronavirus is also making people reluctant from going to the offices and many are opting for work from home in such a situation.

The world has recorded around 92,000 positive cases of coronavirus and 3200 deaths worldwide

Here are some important steps that you must follow at your office to be safe from Coronavirus.

1. Cleanliness At Your Workstation

Clean desk
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The germs get accumulated due to lack of hygiene. Your workplace should be cleaned daily to avoid the risk of accumulation of any virus. The things which are kept on your desks such as laptops, desktops, phones, pens stand etc should also be properly cleaned.

2. Keep Sanitisers

Hand Sanitiser
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Sanitisers are another major prevention method which all the desks at your office should must-have. Cleaning your hands after touching your face, nose eyes can be sanitised with a sanitiser. If you cannot get up to wash your hands regularly then sanitisers are a handy and easy option.

3. Disposable Wipes On Table

Wet Wipes
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According to Centres for Disease Control & Prevention employees should be provided with disposable wet wipes at their workstations. After touching the doorknob, washroom door or your desk you should wipe your hands off with wet wipes.

4. Avoid Sharing Your Personal Stuff

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If your colleague asks for water, do not share your water bottle with them. Their hands might be contaminated which might lead to the transfer of the virus. Avoid sharing any of your personal belongings.

5. Wear Masks 

Via: The Economic Times

Wearing masks in office would also be helpful. Someone at your office might have the regular flu but it is better to take precautions. Wear a clean mask to your workplace to avoid any risk.

It is better to be “Safe” than “Sorry”.

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