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5 Insects With Incredible Superpowers That Will Blow Your Mind

Some people are scared of insects and assume they are dangerous, creepy, and disgusting. However, despite their unusual and weird appearances, several insects possess phenomenal abilities that will definitely amaze you. Aise their small brains and minuscule sizes, these mini creatures hold power to solving some huge mankind’s problems.

5 Insects With Amazing Superpowers


Via: Vision Times

Bees are known as the most intelligent insects in the animal kingdom. They not only have their own way of communicating but also have spectacular navigation skills irrespective of the fact that their vision is limited.

Remember landmarks

They can measure angles via their movements of the body.


Via: Vision Times

Cockroaches are one of the most hated insects in the world. A single cockroach in a bed or room can make the even men run, jump like a girl. However, people don’t know the significance of cockroaches in curing some dreaded diseases.

Cockroaches have the ability to survive nuclear wars as of their strong shells.

Also, they have antibacterial molecules inside their body, which is more potent than human antibiotics.


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Fireflies have the power to produce their own light. Also, they are a great source of joy and inspiration for most of us.

Ability to produce their own lights

They communicate with each other than provide light signals in order to communicate.

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Via: Science

They are among the most powerful and active pilots in the world of insects. These small creatures, which most of us consider being dangerous, can fly and cover major distances without using much energy.

Require very low energy to fly long distances

Fly up to 70Kms in a day

Dung Beetles:

Dung beetles
Via: Pintrest

You will be shocked to know that dung beetles live an extremely disgusting life. They Gardner animal and insect wastes, roll it into a big circle, and then utilize it for various purposes. It can be used to lay their eggs on it, build homes, and so on.

They collect animal waste for forming their home and for eating.

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