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5 Home Remedies To Heal Chapped Lips For Which You Can Thank Us Later

Winters hurt us in number of ways like dry skin, itching, cold and cough, and so on. Worst is the chapped lips as they won’t heal in a day. And all they need is more hydration and nourishment throughout the winters. But, there are more ways to restore the health of lips. Try our home remedies for lip care to prevent the dryness and peeling of the soft skin of your lips.

5 Effective Home Remedies For Lip Care

No matter whether the weather is cold or dry, lips are going to suffer and they suffer more if you smoke and drink. Your toothpaste can cause peeling of lip’s skin as it contain skin irritants. And if you have the habit of licking lips every now and then, your lips will turn dry soon.

A lip balm may work but long-lasting results can be achieved with natural solutions. Here are some of them that works for sure:

Grease With Coconut Oil

home remedies for lip care

Instead of applying lip balm, try natural moisturizers like coconut oil. Their fatty acid content will nourish your lips from within leaving a soft and supple skin.

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How to Apply?

Add few drops of coconut oil to the tea tree oil or neem oil. Apply it two times a day. For best results apply before bed. If you don’t have coconut oil then use almond, jojoba, or olive oil to heal the cracked lips.

Cure With Cucumber

home remedies for lip care
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Whether it’s dark circle or chapped lips, cucumber has the cure for every skin ailment. And not just in summer, cucumber works best in winters too. So, slice a cucumber and rub it on your lips.

Do this for few minutes and then wash your lips. Apply this twice a day.

Heal With Butter

cocoa butter for lips
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Just like coconut, cocoa butter has fatty acids which take better care of your dry and chapped lips. Grease your lips with pea-sized butter before bed and let it stay till morning.

Wash off in the morning. Repeat this every day for smooth and soft lips. Shea butter, peanut butter, buttermilk, and even yogurt can be used as the alternative to cocoa butter.

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Coat With Sugar

sugar scrub for lips
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Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent for the skin and even lips. Rubbing it daily on the cracked and chapped lips thus remove flaky and dead skin of the lips. Result is soft and supple lips.

How to Apply?

Don’t just coat your lips with white sugar alone. Mix half teaspoon honey and olive oil only in few drops to provide all the essentials to your cracked lips. However, do not dissolve the sugar in honey and oil mixture.

Dip your finger into the mix and rub it gently all over the lips. Once all the dead cells are removed, rinse with lukewarm water. Try this home remedy on alternate days.

Use Flavourful Vanilla

vanilla for lips
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Another skin-friendly ingredient is vanilla extract that you can use as an exfoliants in winter. To use, mix quarter spoon of vanilla extract with a teaspoon of baking soda, 2 tsps of sugar and olive oil.

Gently massage your lips with vanilla mixture and rinse it off. Do it everyday at the start and then use only thrice a week.

These home remedies for lip care will definitely heal your lips but you have to do few more things to maintain the softness of lips. Read below:

  • Drink natural fruit juices and water to ensure that lips stay hydrated
  • Apply sunscreen before going out of the home
  • Avoid using lip balm that contains menthol and camphor. Use only herbal lip balm
  • Wear disposable mask to protect from the harsh wind and sun rays
  • Do not touch your lips constantly
  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes

Fix your chapped lips with these home remedies and prevention tips.


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