5 High-Paying Jobs That Appear To Be Really Fun


    Who wants a boring seven office job? At-least not you? And this is why you are looking for the jobs that working time is not 8 hours and also you had fun in your work. Its true that works does not have to be boring it should be nice and fun to work job that pay you well and also you love to do it.

    Golfball Diver

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    When you think of the “uniform” on a golf course, you’re probably thinking of cargo pants and a polo t-shirt, not a wetsuit and scuba gear. As a golf ball diver, that’s exactly what you’d be wearing as you search for the layers of “white plastic gold” at the bottom of golf course water hazards. There are an estimated 300 million lost golf balls in the U.S. alone – many of which are likely hiding at the bottom of an artificial lake. Some courses have 5,000 balls per lake, so you can see that finding each of these sunken treasures can lead to some serious profit, if you’re good.

    Hunting for these golf balls is no easy task. Swimming in those water hazards can be like swimming through an opaque glass filled with sand and silt. In some places, looking for these can be seriously dangerous too – there could be snapping turtles or even crocodiles lurking in the water depending on where you’re diving. All of these might be worth it, since you can bring in about $15 million a year if you’re really crazy or realistically $50,000 and $100,000 a year.

    Mystery Shopper

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    When it comes to gigs, you could definitely do worse than working as a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers work in every industry from hotels to retail stores. Mystery shoppers assigned to go to retail stores will be given a small stipend to buy whatever they like or sometimes receive specific items to look for. These covert agents will have to secretly evaluate the cleanliness of the store and the performance of employees.

    You can also be a hotel mystery shopper, where your responsibilities are basically to play the role of a terrible guest. They might break their TV, trigger the smoke alarm and clog the toilet during their stay. Hotel mystery shoppers are expected to travel 42 weeks out of the year and are paid-per-assignment. If you ask me, kicking it back in luxury resorts and hotel chains all over the world while deliberately being a jerk seems like a pretty sweet way to make a living.

    Professional Snuggler


    Scientifically speaking, hugging is good for your health. Physical contact like an intimate hug or spooning can lower your blood pressure and ease your heart rate and decrease levels of hormones that trigger stress. That might be why in places like Japan and now here in America, we’ve seen the rise of professional snugglers. The rates usually go for about $1 dollar a minute, so this job can pay 60 dollars an hour!

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    These snugglers mainly focus on the physical boons of cuddling and emphasize the fact that this is a totally PG job with absolutely no sexsual contact. However, many of the clients also like to discuss their problems or let out a good cry. So if you’re thinking about joining the ranks of professional snuggle bunnies, be prepared to do a bit of light therapy work, too.

    Submarine Cook


    You might be surprised that the highest paying non-officer job in the US military belongs to the chefs and cooks serving on submarine. These chefs cook up dishes like prime rib, baked lobster rolls, and chocolate and lemon cakes. These luxurious and hearty foods are meant to make up for what many consider to be some of the worst and most grueling posts in the military.

    Nuclear submarines are regularly submerged for about 90 days at a time without resurfacing. Going that long in a shared, small space with no sunlight can be hard on the soul. This is why submarine cooks are supplied with high quality ingredients and are paid top notch – 187,000 dollars a year – to assure for quality meals. The highlight of many of the submariners day is the food as there’s not much else to look forward to.

    Professional Poker Player

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    Playing a card game invented to pass time for a living seems far-fetched, but it is actually how many people make their living. Many professional poker players will tell you that it’s anything but a stable career. You can see poker players go from homelessness to making 7 figure incomes in a year and vice versa. However, if you’re good (and lucky) this can be one of the highest paying jobs out there.

    Players who get burnt out on gambling with their life on the line have figured out a way to make more of a stable income. It involves placing stakes on other players under-the-tables. Once you’ve got enough of a fortune from other poker games you can actually pay the entrance fees for other players, taking whatever percentage of their entrance fee from their winning jackpot. While you’re definitely still gambling, putting a small stake into several player’s entrance fees can almost guarantee you a profit.