5 Effective Mango Face Masks For Skin Problems

We all know that mango is known as the king ‘of fruits’. But the question is, why is iot so? It’s because mango has numerous multifaceted benefits. It’s not only rich in good taste but also very beneficial for your skin. Mango is a fruit that can work amazing on your skin. So, try the king of fruit on your skin and add it in your skincare routine. You can apply this on your skin as a pack, cream, and other ways. But it will be best to use mango as a  face mask. However, before trying this heavenly fruit, let’s look at why it’s beneficial for your skin. For this, all you need to do is to keep reading this post.

How Is A Mango Face Mask Beneficial For Your Skin?


Mango provides so many amazing things to your skin, and all these are mentioned below:

Prevents aging- Mango is a good source of antioxidants that proves beneficial for your skin. One research shows that mango extracts restricted the formation of wrinkles. Moreover, it also protects the collagen of skin from damage. Collagen is a protein that prevents signs of aging and keeps your skin elastic.

Rich in antioxidants- Mango contains numerous antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene, and vitamin A, which are best for your skin.

Here Is The List Of Best And Simple Mango Face Pack Recipes That Everyone Must Try:

Multani Mitti And Mango Face Pack For Bright Skin:


Multani mitti is considered as the best ingredient to remove excess oil, dirt, acne, and brightens your skin while mango has the potential to make the skin supple and soft. You can use this mask on dry and hot summer days.

What to need- for preparing this mask, you need one ripe mango, one teaspoon yogurt, three teaspoons fuller’s earth.

How to prepare: This mask is very effortless, and to prepared and by following these steps, you can quickly prepare it:

  • First, grind the pulp of mango properly
  • Mix multani mitti in it and yogurt to adjust the consistency
  • Wash your face, let it soak and then apply the pack
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water
  • Let it dry for 20 minutes.

Benefits: This mango makes your skin soft, glowing as well removes the dryness, dirt, and excess oil from the skin. Apart from that, it brightens the tone and fills the pores.

Avocado And Mango Face Pack:


Are you looking for something that helps to keep your skin soft and hydrated? If yes, then the avocado and mango face pack will be a great choice for you. This pack also contains honey that helps in lightening scars and blemishes. Mango and avocado unclog the skin pores and calm sensitive skin.

What you need: for preparing avocado and mango face mask, all you need is one ripe mango, two tablespoons mashed avocado, two tablespoons honey.

How to prepare: you need only five minutes to prepare this mask as it requires only three ingredients and is easy to prepare.

  • First, you need to cut the mango into small slices and mash them thoroughly
  • Mix honey and avocado in mangoes and blend well
  • Then apply it on your face and let it soak for 20 minutes.
  • Once it’s dry, wash it with water.

Oatmeal And Mango Face Pack For Glowing And Refreshing Skin:


Are you frustrated with dry and dull skin? If yes, then you should opt for oatmeal and mango face mask as it works amazingly in eliminating dead skin cells. As we mention above, mango makes the skin soft, while almond and oatmeal work like natural scrubbers on your skin. The raw milk is also present in this pack that helps in removing your complexion. The best part of this pack is that it not only makes your skin glowing but also refreshes them.

For preparing this mask, all you need is one ripe mango, three teaspoons oatmeal, 7-8 almonds (soaked overnight), and two tablespoons raw milk.

How to prepare: The method to prepare this method is as same as avocado and mango face pack, but the ingredients are changed:

  • Do small slices of mango and mash them.
  • Then, make a paste of the almonds and powder the oatmeal
  • Add all the ingredients in mesh mango and blend them with milk
  • Spread the mask on your face and neck
  • Once the pack will dry, wash your face with cold water

Rose Water And Mango Face Mask For Sensitive Skin:


No doubt, you use rose water regularly for different purposes such as for cleaning makeup, unclog pores, and so on. But you are glad to know that rose water also absorbs inflammation from your skin (which is common on hot days). So, use this mask to get better benefits of rose water. Rosewater and mango face mask prevents aging and moisturizes your skin. Moreover, it works wonders on sensitive skin.

You can prepare this pack with a few ingredients such as one ripe mango, two teaspoons Multani mitti, two teaspoons yogurt, two teaspoons rose water.

How to prepare- To prepare this a pack, you only need to follow some steps that we mention below:

  • Mash the mango and make a pulp.
  • Mix Multani mitti and rosewater into the paste. You can also add yogurt to adjust the consistency.
  • Apply the mask and rinse it with water after 15-2o minutes.
  • You can use both warm and cold water to wash your face

Gram Flour And Mango Face Mask For Tan Removal:


Gram flour not only brightens your skin, but it is also helpful in removing tan. Yogurt is also present in this pack that is also helpful in lightening blemishes. You can also add honey to the pack to keep the skin hydrated.

To prepare this mask, all you need is four tablespoons mango pulp, two tablespoons gram flour (besan), one teaspoon honey, and one teaspoon yogurt.

How to prepare: Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients in it

  • Prepare a paste and use your hands to spread in on your face
  • Wait until its dry and then wash with cold water

To conclude, these are the best and effective mango face mask. So, try this at home and get healthy and glowing skin!

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