5 Effective Home Remedies That Will Help In Boosting Your Sperm Count Naturally

If you have been trying hard to get pregnant but are unable to despite doing everything right, there are chances that your partner has less sperm count. Getting pregnant and creating a life inside you is a magical experience we all want to experience. But certain health factors might restrict you and less sperm count might be one of them.

What is Sperm Count?

A layman might not understand that he has a low sperm count until he tries to have a baby.

Sperm count is the average numbers of sperms present in a sample of semen. The sperm count is an important factor that helps in fertility.

When the number of sperm in a man’s body decreases there are less chances that it fertilizes the egg. When the female egg does not get fertilized it can lead to issues in pregnancy.

According to World Health Organization doctors, sperm count below 15 million per millilitre can be a cause of infertility. However, you are not alone facing this problem as one in every six couple has infertility issues and it has been observed that the major problem is in man alone.

What Causes Less Sperm Count?

We all try to adopt a healthy lifestyle then what are the reasons that can cause a low sperm count in men. The answers can be many like drugs, age, health, environment, lifestyle disorders, previous medical conditions, smoking etc.

But to every problem there is a solution. Instead of going for medications, you should try home remedies as they cause no side effects. But can this problem be eradicated naturally?

How Can You Grow Your Sperm Count Naturally?

We might be reluctant to visit a doctor and search for home remedies that can help us overcoming the condition. The question is can home remedies help in boosting the sperm count? Fortunately Yes, this medical condition can be treated at home by using natural home remedies.

Look Out For These Things In Your Kitchen

  1. Fenugreek Supplements

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek has been an ancient remedy used for treating low sperm count. Fenugreek is a herb with amazing health benefits. It increase the testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone affects your libido(sex drive) that can reduce a man’s sex drive. Including fenugreek as a supplement in your diet can therefore give magical results in increasing the sperm count.

2. Foods That Contain Zinc


Zinc is an essential mineral that should be consumed if you have low sperm count. Deficiency of zinc in your diet can be a reason of low testosterone affecting fertility. The major sources of zinc are chicken, meat, fish and eggs. If you are a vegetarian you can look for vegetables that have zinc in it. Green peas, broccoli, lentil sprouts, asparagus, spinach and shiitake mushrooms are some of them.

3. Take Enough Antioxidants


Antioxidants such as Vitamin C have proven great in boosting sperm count. Vitamin C is a dominating antioxidants found in fertile men. It helps in keeping the sperm healthy, protecting the sperm’s DNA. Consuming garlic in your diet can fulfill the need of antioxidants. Regular consumption will show evident results in boosting sperm count.

4. Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb with many benefits out of which one is increasing sperm count in men. It has proven effective in improving testosterone levels in men hence increasing the sperm count. This is an ancient technique that has been followed and has given positive results in treating infertility in men.

5. Maca Root

Maca Root

Maca Root improves libido and sexual performance in men. It also helps in improving the fertility. Maca root has its origin from Peru and has been used since ages to treat infertility and improving libido.

However sometimes the complications are just because of your lifestyle. Adapting a clean and healthy lifestyle will help in rectifying such problems from your life.

Redesign Your Lifestyle

  1. Stay Stressfree


“It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it”- Lou Holtz

Stress is the biggest enemy of good health. More than the stress one should focus on ways to relax. Relaxing gives a new dimension to the way we live our lives. A happy mind and healthy body will keep complications at bay.

2. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

NO Alcohol

If you consume alcohol daily then it is high time to change this habit. Alcohol can add up to many problems deteriorating your fertility.

3. Adequate Sleep


Everything in our lives should be properly balanced. If you are working hard then taking adequate sleep is required to refresh your mind. Taking adequate sleep will keep you fresh, active and energized.

4. Don’t Skip Your Exercises


One major reason of infertility is excessive weight. Daily workout helps in keeping the body proportionate eradicating the infertility. Also, exercising daily helps in removing toxins from our body in the form of sweat. It also acts as a stress buster.

Exercise more stress less!

Fixing your general health can be one way to improve your fertility. However these home remedies are not a guaranteed solution as the problem you are facing can be due to many other reasons as well. Sometimes these lifestyle changes can miraculously benefit you sometimes they may not.

However, if the deficiencies are causing the problem then taking a healthy and fulfilling diet will help you resolving the issues easily at home. 


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