5 Easy Ways To Overcome Body-Shaming

Ohh! You are too fat to fit in this dress. Look at your legs, they are so thin. You have too big bums. Let them say, let them, judge, because “The Size Of Your Waist Has Nothing To Do With Your Worth.” But sometimes it is hard to ignore when you are being harassed too much, bullied every time, and humiliate now and then even by your close friends and people. Body shaming can force one to think, Am I imperfect? No, you are not. It’s their vision that needs to be fixed.

However, believing it is difficult as the concept of body shaming has reached from surroundings to social media giving more power to trollers and putting humanity to shame. Those hiding behind the screen harass not only the users but many times celebs are their target. They do have more haters than fans and their body is the only reason for it.

We can put an end to this shameless cycle of fat-shaming together and it all begins with you when you know how to deal with body shaming.

Tips To Deal With Body Shaming 

Embrace Your Body

deal with body shaming

Self-love is very important and it doesn’t happen on its own. The process begins when you are aware of your needs and likings. Be open up with yourself, don’t judge yourselves with the lenses of society that is obsessed with the perfect body. There is nothing such thing called PERFECTION because the celebrities and models who are often appreciated for their great looks have faced body shaming too.

So, the only thing that matters is how you look at yourself and not others. Just remember one thing you are beautiful as long as you are healthy because only good health matters. And if you still believe color and size matters, read the inspiring story of these famous models who broke all stereotypes. 

Thank Your Body

deal with body shaming

We are asked to thank God for having people who love us back, for having enough meals, clothes, money, and a shelter to live. But we are forgetting the most important one that is our body. This carrier is everything you’ve got now even if with time the strength and youthfulness will be lost.

Simply say ‘Thanks‘ to your body for all the support, for surviving during tough life events, and see yourself as beautiful.

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Let the scars be the trophy for surviving all odds and not the subject of shame.

Be Your Best Supporter

deal with body shaming

No matter how many people support you, if you are not supporting yourself nothing will work. The inner-supporter will take you miles away in life. So, develop that inner voice into you, talk positively to yourself whenever someone gives negative comments. Replace those with the positive ones.

Speak to yourself in the mirror, say “I am beautiful and no matter what others say, I Believe I am worthy.”

Accept Wrong Beliefs

deal with body shaming

Most of the time, it’s us who are making over judgments about our self. This makes it easier for others to judge you and their words seem like a confirmation of your beliefs. So the first step is to accept that you were wrong about your body.

Once your brain absorbs it and starts believing, it will become easier to negate other’s beliefs. Acceptance will help you support yourself.

Pay Attention To Your Feelings

For many, it seems nothing just a matter of debate or fun, one who is facing knows how severely it affects. The physical and mental trauma can reach an extent where the victim is forced to end their life.

deal with body shaming

One way to end all those traumas is to acknowledge your feelings. Don’t hide or cover-up by giving excuses or trying to fit in their perception. Focus on your emotions, reactions, and analyze does it truly matters. Instead of sitting silently, learn to reply.

You are not just a body, you are a soul with purpose and love so don’t let others judge or don’t feel too bad about the temporary thing.

Remember ” You Are More Important Than The Number On Weight Scale.”

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