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5 Biggest Ever Wastage Of Money In The World’s History

Money is not more than a piece of paper but it’s precious because of the value it holds. Losing it or wasting on the unnecessary stuff seems no act of intelligence. But the past has evidence of incidents where kings and emperors waste money like it has no value. From building mansions for nobody to trading lands for flowers, here is the biggest waste of money ever.

5 Times When Millions And Billions Were Wasted, For What?…Nothing! 

1. Dutch’s Craze For Tulips

biggest waste of money

How much will you spend on flowers? Hundreds or maybe thousands but will you trade property, land, or even a city for just a handful of tulips. People of the Dutch did that during the 1600s. It was the most expensive and must-have item then which led to Tulip Mania.

People were even ready to sacrifice their land and even homes to get a single bulb of tulips. Even now it is a popular item but the government has now tightened the rules to keep the Dutch’s craze for tulip in control.

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2. A Revengeful Bridge By Emperor Of Rome


In AD 37, a Roman Emperor named Caligula, originally named Gaius, built a temporary but most expensive bridge for a stupid purpose. An astrologer named Thrasyllus told him that he could never become an emperor rather had chances of crossing the Bay of Baiae.

Caligula, in his ego, ordered his men to build a bridge on the bay soon after he became the king. The construction led to severe famine in Rome and Italy as the bridge was getting constructed on precious lands of the country.

He, then, crossed the bridge with his army of 20,000 men for 2 days as if he had won a battle. Unfortunately, the bridge could not survive and soon got broken.

3. Unfinished Nuclear Plant Of Jefferson County

biggest waste of money
via:Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant

One of the most expensive constructions in history is the Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant. Its construction began in 1977 but the overall cost was so huge that it had to be stopped. Around $2.5 billion was already spent on its construction and hardware worth $8 million was purchased for its work.

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4. Tea Worth Rs 3.4 Crore

biggest waste of money

All the chai lovers take note of this amount as you won’t believe your ears when we’ll tell you about this biggest money waste. Maharahstra’s CMO office got a 577% rise in the tea bill, in 2018. It’s Rs 3.34, 64, 904 just for a year.

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The issue came into the limelight when Sanjay Nirupam who is an ex-member of Congress put this allegation. As a response, the CMO office gave clarification about the amount stating the bill includes a number of expenses and not just tea.

5. Pilgrimage Of Mansa Musa

biggest waste of money

Mali was unknown to the western world until its king Mansa Musa began a pilgrimage to Mecca. He took along more than ten thousand of his men on the trip. A dozen camels carrying pounds of gold joined them on a journey too.

Why we called it the biggest waste of human history is because his tour caused inflation in Egypt and it could not recover even in a decade. How? All the way, gold coins from the baggage he was carrying fell wherever he went flooding Egypt with this precious metal.

Soon, gold became common in Egypt cutting down its value and nearly destroying the country’s economy. Mansa had to recollect all the gold to balance the economy.

These were the 5 biggest wastes of money in the history of mankind that could do good to humanity but did nothing at all.







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