5 Best Safety Apps Every Woman Should Have In Her Phone

How many times as women have you felt unsafe while walking down a road in the dark? How many times have you been eve teased or had that creepy sensation of being followed?

If you have experienced this, then you do realize that we are no longer safe in our own neighbourhood and it’s time we take some simple steps to save ourselves from a potentially dangerous situation. The easiest way to ask for help in such situations is by using safety apps that will inform about the threat to our trusted contacts.

Here are some of the best Safety Apps to help you in the time of need!


1. VwithU App

Safety Apps
Via: Economic Times

This app was launched by channel V and is an initiative of a popular show “Gumrah” that dealt with teenage crime.  The app requires an internet connection. In the time of crisis, all you need to do is to press your power button two times and the app will send your location to your contacts with a message seeking their help.


2. Circle of 6 App

Safety Apps
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This app is easy to use and has many perks. You can choose 6 of your trusted contacts and they will get different notifications according to your needs. The app has features for sending your location in the time of need, a call me icon that will tell your contacts to call you immediately and a chat icon.

It also has important hotlines and all the information related to safety. This app looks like any other lifestyle app which will give the user some privacy. This app is very useful for college students who need help across campus.


3. Eye Watch SOS for Women

Safety Apps
Via: Tech To Review

This app allows users to send audio and a video along with their location to the selected contacts just by clicking a button. It has good accuracy when it comes to the location. It also has an “I’m safe button” which will tell your contacts that you have reached the location safely.


4. Shake2Safety

Safety Apps
Via: TNW

This app is probably the easiest to use all you need to do is activate it and shake your phone. When you do it will call and send an SMS to your trusted contacts. You can also press your power button 4 times to activate it.

This app doesn’t require an internet connection to work just your mobile signal. With the help of the internet, it can send your current location and if the internet is not available it will send your last known location. You can also adjust the sensitivity of your shakes by a slider!


5. Bsafe App

Safety Apps
Via: Heavy.com

The Bsafe app can be activated by an SOS button and even when your phone is inside your pocket by voice activation. The app has an inbuilt sirene alarm that can alert people nearby and timer alarm which will be activated when you don’t check in on time and send a message to your guardians.

It can send your exact location to your guardians, fake call you during unsafe situations and also send your audio and video to your guardian’s phone when activated.

These apps are easy to use and are free. They take up a little space in your phone, are user-friendly and can save you from any potential threat. So, install any one of them and stay safe!

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