5 Best Beauty Rituals To Try While Practice Social Distancing

We all perform numerous tasks every day in a manner. Just like while reading a newspaper drinking tea, taking a bath before going outside, watering houseplants in the morning and much more. They are small tasks that are not important to our daily routine, but they complete our regimen. But this time is difficult for us because of coronavirus. Schools, colleges and workplaces are close because of this. Therefore many of us have to spend their time creating a more stressful environment. So, in this case, here we discuss some beauty rituals that help you to keep calm and carry on.


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Use a dense sugar scrub or a pumice stone to exfoliate your body. This not only improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow but also reduces cellulite and bloating. Apart from that, exfoliation is the best way to remove dead skin cells and the blood flow going. Moreover, by scrubbing your skin, you feel therapeutic as well as reduce stress levels.



Nothing is better than a massage to reduce stress and anxiety. So, it would be best to add a message in your skincare routine. But it isn’t easy to get massage daily. So, pick an area every day or give it a massage. On day one massage your hands with moisturizer or oils, on the second day, do your legs, on the third, your upper body and face and so on. By doing this, you not just feel better and healthier but also get glowing skin!

Clean Beauty Products:

It is the best time to get rid of the expired liner, old pallets, empty nail polish jars and much more. Also, you can clean your makeup pouch and brushes using soap and water.

Watch and learn new tricks of makeup on youtube and Instagram tutorials. It may sound funny, but it improves your makeup tricks and steps. It will also enable you to do makeup like a pro!


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For avoiding germs and bacterias, it is recommended to wash hands every one hour for 20 seconds.  But this is not only enough to keep your skin germ-free and clean. Also, it makes your skin dry that leads to irritation and itching. So, it is necessary to moisturize your hands after hand wash for soft, clean hands.

To conclude, these are the easy and effective beauty rituals you should add into your regular regimen as it not only improves your beauty but also aims at a  hygienic and stress-free life.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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