5 Benefits Of Clay Pot Cooking You Have Never Heard Of

Do you know what makes the food tasty and healthy besides the ingredients? It is the type of utensils you are using to cook food. And well there are all types of beautiful, non-greasy, and cheap cookware, earthen pots or clay pots are extremely beneficial for health. Therefore, clay pot cooking is mostly preferred in many parts of the world like India, the Philippines, Europe, and even in the US.

What makes this simple-looking earthenware the best utensil for cooking? Read on to know about the benefits of clay pots, and the 5 best clay pot recipes you can try with your first palayok( as called in the Philippines)

Benefits Of Clay Pot Cooking

clay pot cooking

Right from North to South, clay pots are found in every Indian kitchen for one or many reasons. These porous pots are widely used in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, UP, Rajasthan, and few more states. The only reason is that it retains the heat longer so you don’t have to reheat the food.

The unmatchable aroma it adds to the food is another reason why Indians love cooking in hot pot. But, according to experts, there are many more scientific reasons to have an unglazed earthen pot in the kitchen.

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Here are those:

Retain Nutritional Value

clay pot recipes
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Even though it takes an hour to wait for the chicken or meat to get tender in a hot pot or palayok, these results are worth waiting for. The tender meat doesn’t lose any nutritional value as the pot traps all the moisture in and prevents the heat to escape out during cooking.

Balance pH Level

clay pot fish curry

The alkaline nature of these utensils makes it best that reduces the acidity level of ingredients resulting in a well-balanced pH level of food.

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No Need To Add More Oil

clay pot rice

One of the biggest benefits of clay pot cooking is the low requirement of oil to cook even recipes like chicken curry. The reason is the heat-resistant property that allows ingredients to release the natural oil cutting down the need of adding more ghee or oil.

Make Your Food More Nutritious 

Besides these, the earthen pots add lots of nutrients to recipes as they are made of clay. Thus, it makes your food rich in calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorus besides retaining the natural nutrients of ingredients.

It’s Cheap!!!

The unforgettable aroma and affordability of these pots make it even more beneficial for a large group of people who cannot afford utensils.

Now you know why you should replace glassware or steel utensils with clay pots. However, there are few things to keep in mind before you buy one.

Clay Pot Cooking Essentials


Get a pot that doesn’t make a hollow sound when knocked from the bottom that means it has no holes and right for cooking. The next step is to soak them in water for one full day. Clean the surfaces with a garlic clove the next day and cook the pot in water.

Fill 3/4 water in the pot before keeping it on slow flame. This will take much time so microwave it for 2-3 hours. Let it cool before using. Avoid using soap for cleaning as it can reduce the ability of palayok.

Once it’s ready, you can cook these 5 best clay pot recipes around the world:

  1. Clay pot noodles
  2. Vegetable Kacchi Biryani
  3. Fish Curry
  4. Clay pot Chicken Korma
  5. Chettinad Chicken Briyani

Make sure you don’t cook directly at the stove as it can leave cracks at the bottom. And if you see dark black patches at the bottom while cooking discards the pot right away as it can ruin the food.

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