5 Bad Habits That Probably Destroying Your Beard

No matter if you know it or not, you probably have at least one of these bad beard habits at some stage in your life. And a few of these habits happen incidentally. So, if you are seeking to make your beard attractive and long, stop doing the following:

You Wash It With Soap And Cold Water:


We know that it is not an easy task to wake up in the morning and follow a systematic routine. But it is necessary to follow a well routine. The  two main causes for breakage and brittleness of beard hair are cold water and soap because they are not suitable for beard and end up destroying it. 

Avoid Applying Oil on your beard:


The base of a beard maintenance routine are cleaning, washing and moisturizing. Even if you forget to apply one, you might face difficulties in growing a beard. So, however, it may seem inconvenient, if you want a healthy beard, you need to do these things, and that means applying an oil on it too!

You Allow Others To Touch:

Would you let anyone touch your precious thing, though they liked it? If your answer is no, then why not the same condition applies for facial hair. Allowing people to play with or touch your facial hair is an invitation to the damaging of your beard. Moreover, the grime and grease from their hands will ruin facial hairs, if nothing else does. 

Getting An Advice From A Barber:


No doubt many of us have been taking advice from a barber for a healthy beard. But you may not believe that barber’s advice is like an open surgery from a butcher! Barbers have no idea of new techniques and experience in the field of modern beard maintenance. So, stop taking advice from barber and go for professionals to know what is good for your beard. 

You Don’t Use A Good Face Wash:


Maybe you thought that using a good beard wash is enough for getting a healthy beard.  But it’s not enough because your rest face is not clean properly. So, it is also essential to use good quality face wash for an attractive and  growing beard. 

So, now that you know about your bad beard habits, don’t forget to change your habits. A beautiful beard depends on the care and efforts you make. So, stop complaining about mother nature and put some effort into getting a growing and healthy beard. 


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