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3 People Died In Moscow After Dry Ice Was Poured In Swimming Pool During A Blogger’s Birthday

An incident was reported in Moscow where three people died when dry ice was poured in the swimming pool during a blogger’s birthday party.

Yekaterina Didenko is an Instagram influencer with 1.5 Million followers was celebrating her 29th birthday with friends and family. To woo her guest and make the party memorable 25 kg of dry ice was poured in the swimming pool. As a result, many people fainted and some of them choked and died.

The influencer’s husband was one of the three people who died during this incident.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide which forms heavy vapors. These vapors can reduce the level of oxygen and choke people to death if opened under a closed compact area.

A similar thing happened and the consequences were heartbreaking. The blogger also shared a video where her daughter is asking

“Where’s daddy”

After which she announced her husband’s death.

Didenko, who is a qualified pharmacist share pharmaceutical products that help people save money. She has a huge following on Instagram.

The incident took 3 lives which gave a lesson to all of us.

Here Is A Reference Video That Shows The Effect Of Dry Ice When Poured In Swimming Pool:

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