Reports Says: 25 percent of US jobs will be affected by automation

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Reports Says: 25 percent of US jobs will be affected by automation: Automation is an extension at our workplaces, and in the near future, it is going to impact the job market, making human workers jobless.

As per the prediction of the latest study, one-quarter of jobs in the US are at high risk of being automated.

Automation occurs when the technique does the work which was earlier done by humans, to increase production and efficiency.

As per the reports of New Brookings report, titled, Automation and Artificial Intelligence:

According to New Brookings report, titled, Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places, automation will have a big impact by 2030 on US employment. Some 25 percent jobs are predicted to be at high risk for automation.

A little part of 36 percent of US jobs will experience moderate exposure and will experience 39 percent less exposure. Businesses not requiring a bachelor’s degree are highly susceptible to automation than the four-year degree requirement.

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An impact will vary depending on industries, geographies, and demographic groups. Men, young, and under-represented groups will be most affected amongst demographic groups.

Although this effect cannot be avoided with the coming of technology and AI, researchers provide recommendations for policymakers, such as grasping the development and technology, promoting the mindset of constant learning and facilitate smooth adjustments to diminish harsh local effects.