21 Weird and strangest cycles found around the world to amaze your eyes!


In the search of anything new or amazing, Today, we have come up with some of the weird cycles that you will found around the world. All kinds of strangeness in these cycles will stun right from flying to a Ferrari ride. You may want to join this strange madness! let’s enjoy!

Here is the list of 21 most bizarre looking bicycles.

Blend with the chopper gang

Credit: mentalfloss.com

Seemingly, this bicycles looks like a chopper.

90 Degrees

Credit: mentalfloss.com

Most of the cycles are shaped in triangular form, but this one is different!

Stand and ride

Credit: .mentalfloss.com

Funny isn’t it? To ride the cycle while standing!

All hands, No Legs

Credit: mentalfloss.com

This sports handcycle is managed without legs.

Team up for children

Credit: mentalfloss.com
Credit: mentalfloss.com

A bicycle very helpful while you are with your babies.

Rolling one

Credit: mentalfloss.com

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Credit: mentalfloss.com

Just and ride.

A gym cycle!

Credit: mentalfloss.com

This is an elliptical (oval-shaped) machine cycle. This type of cycle pressures less on the joints.


Credit: mentalfloss.com

This is a four-leg cycle very easy to ride with a basket attached to its end.

Driven By Baby

Credit: mentalfloss.com

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This is a kid seat with a bike attached, instead of a bike with a kid seat attached.

Wood cycle

Credit: mentalfloss.com

Wood bicycles are pretty, aren’t they?

Smooth transition

Credit: mentalfloss.com

A folding electric bike where you can sit and move smoothly from one state to another.

Twist and turn

Credit: mentalfloss.com

This is a type of fold, twist, and a bending cycle.

Just Plug

Credit: mentalfloss.com

A docking station is attached with this cycle which you can connect with the laptop. Docking station refers to- a piece of hardware into which a laptop computer can be plugged for use as a desktop computer. Simply Wow!

Shopping cycle

Credit: mentalfloss.com

Bike + shopping cart all in one.

Face Down

Credit: mentalfloss.com

This is like a horizontal bike, only you’re lying face down.

Das Auto-bike

Credit: mentalfloss.com

Quite similar to the gym cycles!

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Longest Bicycle

Credit: vietbao.vn

This bicycle is found in the Netherlands and is considered the world’s longest bicycle in 2011. The bike has two wheels, 117 feet 5 inches in length, has no moderators, and requires two people—one steering up front and another pedaling in back.

Ferrari Bicycle

Credit: cri.cn

It seems like a sports car, but he Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is actually a recumbent-style (lying-down style) quad bicycle with a luxurious exterior. The body of Ferrari cycle is made of aluminum, with 11-speed hub gearbox; to drive in the evening time, 200 ultra-bright LEDs is fixed in the cycle, and the pretty cool feature: a built-in-butterfly mechanism that makes the wing like doors to gently flap while pedaling.

Flying Bicycle

Credit: thephnompenhtimes.com

This flying bicycle was invented by two Britishers namely- John Foden and Yannick Read whose idea was to make an innovative cycle. A bicycle can fly! The XploreAir Paravelo has a speed of 25 mph in the air and 15 mph on roads and up to 4000 feet in height. This unique two-wheeled folding bicycle is made from aluminum used in aircraft and is lightweight from the backside that possesses a powerful fan with a biofuel-powered 249cc motor, plus a flexible wing that multiplies as a tent (for longer trips). An electric starter involved in it triggers the motor and thus turns the fan creating the required thrust- with a long runway and letting the Paravelo getting off the ground. It can stay in the air for up to 3 hours.

Chainless Bicycle

Credit: ifengimg.com

Chainless bicycle was made by Josh Bechtel and avoids the critical machinery and relies only on the direct drive. A freewheeling hub-one that joins the crank-arm axis with the rear-wheel axis, has a smaller base for wheels and with a bizarre look; pedals on the rear wheel and managing seat directly above it. This single-speed bike works in a rear-steer mode that lets you ride out sideways.