After Five Healthy Men Death, Thai Village Men Dress Up As Women To save Their Lives

Evil Spirits


There are still people who believe in evil spirits or superstitions. related to this only these Days men dressing up like women is common not only in Bollywood films but also in our day to day life for fun. But do you know that there are men in Thailand who dressed and makeup like women to save their life? This may sounds weird to you that how men need to dress like women to save their life.


But this is reality, there is a village in Thailand where all women make their husbands dress up like women not only outside but also inside the house. The reason behind this is really scary it is because of the scare of an evil widow’s spirit.Paragraph

This village is home to 90 peoples and their people are so stressed due to sudden death of five fit and healthy men in their sleep. Recently without any reason these five men found dead in the morning. According to villager sit is done by the evil spirits. First spirits seduce men then they take off their spirits.


So the village women decided to dress their husbands like them to avoid death cases and it works for them. But not only this they used to save their men and themselves. The other way they used is to put scarecrows wearing clothes of red colour with giant 80 cm erect penises and painted their house red.

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Some used labels and wrote ‘ there is no man here’ over it.

A 53-year-old resident named Johnny said:

“I believe that the ghost of the widow is causing healthy men to die. There have been five deaths already here

He added-

‘My wife and child are afraid that I could die and they wanted the scarecrow to protect me. Every house has done the same.

He concluded by saying-

‘The long penis about 80cm long with threaten the ghost when she arrives and she will not dare to pass it and enter. It will keep her away and keep the men safe.’

Well so far there is no evidence that those men were killed by an evil spirits.

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