15 Years Of MS Dhoni: Watch How He Proved That He Is The God Of Cricket

M.S. Dhoni announced his retirement from International cricket through a video on instagram captioned “Thanks, thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout, from 1929 hrs considered me retired”

M.S. Dhoni is an indian player who made his place in the heart of millions. He played extremely extraordinarily on the ground. Cricket is a game that is played with strategies but no one can make strategies how Dhoni can. He has been seen making strategies in an extraordinary way on pitch. Normally people and even opposing players do not understand what he did. He always thinks out of the box as a cricketer. 

Here are some examples of Dhonie’s out of the box thinking:


  • He scolded khaleel in the middle of pitch:


The incident happened during the second ODD played between India and Australia. Two players Khaleel Ahmed and Yuzvendra Chahal who were not in the playing team in that match came to the ground with drinks for Dhoni and Dinesh Karthik. Mistakenly, Khaleel walked on pitch and due to it Dhoni shouts on Khaleel for his action. 

The reason for Dhoni’s anger was quite simple. Khaleel was wearing spikes at the time. There were chances that Khaleel may drop a few drops of water while offering and also his spikes may create pitch more rough. This is a small thing that is commonly not noticed by players, this is something called out of box thinking of Dhoni.


  • He took the ball from umpire after the match:


After the match of India and England ended in 2018, Dhoni took the ball from the umpire that was used in the match. The reason behind it was told by legendary player Dhoni that the ball can be used to practice reverse swing by the players. As this ball was used for a period it will help the bowlers to manage with that kind of ball at the final stages of innings.


  • At crucial moment removing glove:


His presence of mind works every time and makes him an outstanding player. At ICC men’s T20 World Cup, Dhoni removed his right hand glove at the last ball to grab the ball easily. His presence of mind worked and the batsman was adjudged run out. 

Hope you might get the information about our real life hero. 

“Dhoni has announced his retirement from International cricket on 15 August 2020  but he will not retire from the heart of his fans heart.”

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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