15 photos that will anger the perfectionist in you


    We are not perfect there are so many imperfections. But have you ever noticed that your mind only like perfections and if something imperfect comes in front you will take double take to sort it out. There is one perfectionist hidden in you and this comes out when you see some most imperfection things.

    These photos of counter intuitive placement, imperfect symmetry and broke patterns are guaranteed to drive you crazy.

    A perfectionist? you’re welcome

    Via: fun and humor


    Via:Sad and Useless Humor

    #You had one job

    via:fun and humor


    Via:Sad and Useless Humor

    # Duck hunt

    Via:Sad and Useless Humor

    # what need for this?

    Via:fun and humor

    #He/she must be stupid

    Via:fun and humor


    Via:fun and humor

    #Perfectionist’s nightmare

    Via:fun and humor

    #wanna burn down the damn hell park

    # This

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    # That feeling when you noticed something like this

    Via fun and humor

    # How’s this possible

    # Yes! all the lights are off

    # Error windows


    I am sure these images must anger the perfectionist in you. This is really odd when we see something that is slightly perfect but become imperfect of silly mistakes. Hope you enjoy it all.