No Army Since Independence!!! How These 15 Countries Without Army Are Safe?

Where the powerful countries like India, Russia, United States, and China rely on armed forces; there are nations that need no security. Do you know any of them and the reason behind their no military defense system? If no, then you must check out our list of countries without an army.

15 Countries Standing Strong Without Military Defense

The reason these territories have no standing army is the military assistance offered either by the powerful nations or the former ruling countries. Whatsoever, the people of these 15 nations are living peacefully without worried about attacks at the country’s border.

Let’s explore all the countries without an army in alphabetical order.

1. Andorra

country without army
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You might have never heard of this country but it’s a beautiful land between the two famous countries of Europe. Spain and France cover the boundary of Andorra and also provide protection to the 11th smallest nation of Europe and 16th smallest of the world.

Surprisingly, Andorra people are extremely wealthy because of tourism.

2. Cayman Islands

Caribbean’s safest place, Cayman Islands comes under the British overseas territory thus Cayman is its responsibility.

country without army

Three more countries without an army start from C, any guesses? They are Curacao (an island in the Caribbean), Costa Rica, and The Cook Islands.

3. Dominica


One of the Commonwealth member countries, Dominica has a coastguard to protect this small island. The Nature Isle of The Caribbean is the youngest island as well. But unlike Andorra, this beautiful land is the poorest and expensive country as most of the items are imported from the US.

4. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Europe’s secret island that is popular among tourists is known for having a high number of sheep than humans. This natural beauty has endless hiking trails, wrapped in greenery, turf-roof houses, and optical illusions for tourists.

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Where it is? Faroe is somewhere between Norway and the British Isles in the North Atlantic.
Another country that is living fearlessly with no regular army is French Polynesia because France is taking care of the border issues.

5. Grenada

countries without army

The US invaded this Isle of Spice in 1983 and since then it is offering military protection to the country.

6. Iceland


This member country of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is absolutely safe even though there’s no army. NATO takes care of Iceland and its people.

7. Kiribati

countries with no armed forces

Enjoying the status of an Independent country without an army, Kiribati is a country for explorers. However, the country is not a complete mainland rather a group of small 33 islands. Moreover, it’s called “The Land of No Tomorrow” because of the low-lying islands that are at risk of high tides.

8. Liechtenstein

countries with no armed forces

Besides our list of countries without an army, it stands in the list of the smallest countries in the world at number 6th position. Talking about its safety, Switzerland, and Austria provide its protection.

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9. Mauritius


The Special Mobile Force of Mauritius is enough to protect this popular tourist destination but it does not have a complete military defense.

Apart from Mauritius, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Montserrat, and Monaco ( 2nd smallest in the world) are also enjoying security by other nations.

10. Niue Island

countries with no armed forces

Another country in the South Pacific Ocean gets protection from New Zealand.

11. Panama


Panama became an army-free nation in 1990 but has Panamanian Public Forces to ensure safety at borders.

12. San Marino

san marino

The oldest republic of the world is a small state covered by Italy at the borders. However, the country can ask the entire citizen above 16 to serve the nation in case of emergency.

13. Solomon Island

Solomon Island

Even though the state has no army to deal with external issues, it needs one to reduce inner violence. Because the crime rate in the state is very high since the country gets independence in 1978.

14. Tuvalu

Countries without a Military

In the same year, Tuvalu became independent and since then it is running the army less.

15. Vanuatu

country without military

The archipelago of Y-shape consists of 80+ small islands that form Vanuatu. It was a part of the United Kingdom and France for more than 70 years before 1980. However, the state holds the status of a republic nation today and is one of the countries with no army.

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