13 Cases of Norovirus Found In Kerala, Learn About Its Symptoms & Prevention

After Coronavirus, India is about to deal with a new virus named Norovirus. Kerala’s Wayanad district is giving the first hints of this highly contagious virus. Veena George, who is a Minister of Healthy and Family Welfare of Kerala, has warned the locals about it after 13 cases are found.

She has asked people to follow preventive measures to curb the spread of this animal-borne disease.

What Is Norovirus?


Norovirus is a gastrointestinal illness that is caused by the consumption of contaminated food and water. This affects stomach and cause inflammation in intestines. It shows symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, body aches, vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain. It is contagious and spreads very quickly via vomit and excrement of an infected person.

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However, it is not a big cause of concern as said by Veena George as it can be prevented by following preventive measures:

  • Good hygiene practices include proper washing of fruits and vegetables before consumption
  • Drinking boiled water and ORS solution for an infected person is recommended
  • The officials have asked to pay special attention while interacting with animals as Norovirus is an animal-borne disease
  • Do not eat half-cooked poultry and sea food; make sure the food is cooked properly to avoid any chances of contamination
  • Water used for domestic purposes should be clean, safe, and chlorinated
  • Clean all the water sources and storage tanks
  • Do not eat stale foods

The new virus is said to be a cause of concern for elderly people and children. Those who already have serious health conditions should be careful.

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