13 Bollywood Celebs Look-Alikes That Are Hard To Recognize, Can You Spot The Difference?

Remember when Esha Gupta was trolled by the fans and got compliments like,” Gareebon ki Angelina Jolie.” Well, the two look-alikes a bit but Esha is not the only one who got a doopelganger. There are many bollywood celebs look-alikes but not everyone is as lucky as Esha.

Have a look below and figure out on your own.

Bollywood Celebs Who Got Their Twins But They Ain’t Their Siblings


Even madhubala got her look-alike, can you imagine that? The evergreen beauty is one of its kind but somehow Priyanka Kandwal managed to reflect Madhubala in her looks.

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priyanka kandwal
via: laughingcolours

Twitterians went crazy after looking her pics and some called her Hyderabadi madhubala, chubby madhubala, and so on…Even Priyanka is shocked to know this.

“Andhra Amitabh” 

Amitabh Bachchan
via: deccanchronicle

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An Ordinary Guy Looks Like Shah Rukh Khan 

shah rukh khan twins

Disha Patani And Penelope Cruz

disha patani
via: indiatimes

Jitendra And Charlie Shen

Jitendra and charlie shen
via: bollywoodbubble

Virat And Dominic Cooper

Virat and Dominic Cooper
via: espncricinfo

Akshay Kumar And Shawn

The Khiladi star is known for his hilarious comedy traits, stunts, and fit body. His look-alike also share some of the traits and is not an ordinary guy. Shawn Michaels, a professional wrestler, got that strange style of smile as Aki.

akshay kumar and shawn michaels
via: sportskeeda

His brows and eyes are quite big match to those of Akshay and we cannot forget to mention his fit body.

Hrithik Roshan And Bradley 

It’s so unbelievable that somebody got traits like Hrithik because he is unmatchable when it comes to his dancing skills. But, when Harman Baweja step into the Bollywood with his first film, Love Story 2050 everyone felt Bollywood got another Hrithik.

hrithik and bradley cooper
via: indiatimes

And not just Bollywood, it seems Hollywood got a Greek God Hrithik as well as it has Bradley Cooper. These two handsome hunks share crystal clear eyes, the perfect face cut, and surprisingly both are equally heighted. It’s no wonder if the two can replace each other in the movies, just kidding!

Parineeti Chopra Got Twins

The bubbly Parineeti is lucky as she found not one but two doopelgangers. Both are famous American actress, wondering their names? One is Julia Louis-Dreyfus and other is Hayden Panettiere.

Here’s the trio’s pic, tell us which one looks more similar to Ishkqzaade star Parineeti.

parineeti chopra

Anushka Sharma Got Lool-Alike From Neighborhood

When Anushka found her doppelganger her reaction was like she has been searching her for years. Here’s what she tweeted after seeing Julia Michaels pic.

What you thinks about Julia? Isn’t she as gorgeous as Anushka? Well, Anushka has got one more look-alike and she is just right at our neighborhood.

Nazia Hassan was a singer, social activist, and lawyer from Pakistan who died in the year 2000 due to lung cancer in London. She died at very young age of 35.

Here are her pics and undoubtedly she shared most of the similarities to Anushka.

nazia and anushka
via: bollywooddadi

Arbaaz Khan’s Twin Is More Famous Than Him

We don’t even have to say who is his look-alike. It’s one of the popular tennis star Roger Federer. But the two has very huge age difference. Arbaaz is 53 and Roger is 39.

arbaaz khan and roger federer
via: hindustantimes

Priyanka Chopra Fools Her Moms With This Pic

Not only Piggy Chops but also her mom was shocked when she figured out her daughter’s carbon copy. Priyanka first fooled her mom with pics of her doopelganger and she literally succeeded in doing that. But, it’s hard to fool a mother’s eyes as she knows better about her child than anyone else.

She quickly spotted the difference but can you identify the difference in this pic.

priyanka chopra and doppelganger
via: deccanchronicle

Sanjay Dutt Got Doppelganger From France

An actor from France, Jean Reno shares some serious features with Sanju Baba. From his eyes to beard, everything reminds us of  Munna Bhai.

Here’s the pics:

sanjay dutt and jean reno

I wonder if he could walk like Sanju Baba.

What do you think about these doppelgangers? Can they replace the originals?

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