102-Yr Old Woman Becomes World’s Oldest Skydiver & Storms The Internet With Her Smile!

world oldest skydiver

102-Yr Old Woman Becomes World’s Oldest Skydiver & Storms The Internet With Her Smile! While getting old puts somewhat restrictions on your adventure or instead puts a full stop on many things. It puts a no entry board on the dreams of many people around the world.

But Irene O’Shea is ruling all over the internet with her daring adventures at the age of 102.

This South Australian citizen has broken all the previous skydiving records and became the world’s oldest skydiver after jumping off from the height of 14,000 feet for the third succeeding year.

The SA skydiving company in Adelaide cheerfully tell her as, “An incredible woman, achieving incredible things” as she broke the record of a 101-year-old skydiver, Bryson William Verdun Hayes from Britain last weekend on a Sunday morning.

They further added that don’t get shocked, if you have loads of questions striking your mind already, because many of us do! Here’s one of it!

The Question Is: What Is The Reason Behind Skydiving At The Age Of 102?

This senior citizen is not just jumping from the height of fulfilling her adventure, but this year she made this jump for a reason.

Due to Motor Neuron Disease, Irene lost her daughter 10 years ago, and she jumped as a golden opportunity to raise funds for the South Australian Motor Neuron Disease Association and to create awareness in society in the honor of her daughter.

As if now the amazing efforts made by this super old lady has raised near about $12,000 and now she is looking forward to raising $10,000 more.

And even after that, just don’t miss to see the million dollars smile of Irene just before she jumps and becomes the world’ oldest skydiver!

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