10 Spectacular Mountains in Switzerland For A Perfect Alpine Vacation

“Mountains are the beginning and end of all-natural scenery”. These words by John Ruskin are perfectly suitable when we talk about mesmerizing Mountains in Switzerland. Undoubtedly, Switzerland is blessed with the aesthetic pleasure of nature, picturesque views, lakes, rivers but its mountains are predominant to all.

Your visit to Switzerland is incomplete without exploring its massive mountains. Notably, the Swiss Alps are not uneven or rough like the Himalayas nor they are intimidating like the Andes in South America. These mountain tops are very smooth and easily accessible.

Switzerland greets its tourists with full preparation and facilities to ensure smooth and trouble-free movement in the Mountains in Switzerland. Its tourist department has made arrangements for cable cars, cogwheel trains, funiculars and a lot more. These mountains are a must-visit.

Mountains in Switzerland that you shouldn’t miss out

1.  Mount Pilatus

Mountains in Switzerland

It’s a splendid mountain situated just outside the city of Lucerne standing tall at     2119 m. 

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How To Reach Mount Pilatus? 

Mount Pilatus can be reached through a cogwheel train which is the steepest in the world and crosses ferocious rock faces giving us breathtaking views of Central Switzerland. The interesting journey to this mountain is popularly known as ‘The Golden Trip’.

Tourist Attractions: 

  • Golden Trip basically starts with a boat trip from Lucerne lake to Alpnachstad village. After that, we have to take the cogwheel train which will take us to the mountain summit.
  • Another attraction of this mountain is ‘Dragon Path’ where we will get to know myths around this mountain and several hiking trails.

Best Time To Visit:

You can visit here between June and September, as the weather is quite pleasant at that time. As Lucerne lie almost at the foot of the Alps, so weather is even quite chilly at this time.

2. Mount Titlis

Mountains in Switzerland

It is widely surrounded by snow and is approx. 3238 m above sea level making it the highest alpine mountain in Central Switzerland.

How To Reach Titlis ?

The best route to reach Titlis is from the town of Engelberg, which is about 45 minutes from Lucerne. The cable car starts from Engelberg and ends at Titlis.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Being widely covered by snow, this place is perfect for skiing. Titlis boasts of the largest skiing and snowboard area in Central Switzerland.
  • Mount Titlis has a lot to offer to its tourists- A chocolate shop, a glacier park and a classy restaurant. And this place is fully occupied by a glacier, ice and snow.
  • There is an ‘Ice Flyer chairlift that lets you fly’ over the glacier, making it one of the striking views. This lift takes to the glacier park where there are snow tubes, sledges and much more things.
  • Another amusing thing about this place is a ‘Glacier Cave’, a tunnel in the ice of a glacier, giving you an exuberant experience.
  • It is a compelling place for Indians as many Bollywood films are shot here, in fact, the scenes of Kajol and Shahrukh from the most loved movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is shot here.

Best Time to visit :

It is open all year round.

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3. Klein Matterhorn

Mountains in Switzerland

It is one of the distinguished and most beautiful mountains in Europe. This is also known as Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.

How to Reach Klein Matterhorn?

You can reach here by Europe’s ‘highest-altitude cable car that brings you to Matterhorn’ from the valley station in Zermatt.

One extraordinary thing about this place you can reach the top of the mountain only through climbing, there is no other way.

Tourist Attractions:

Klein Matterhorn provides you with exotic views of around a dozen glaciers and 40 mountain peaks.

  • One of the amazing places of Klein Matterhorn in Zermatt and it can be said as a mecca for ski lovers.
  • There is a ‘Glacier Palace’ and an ‘ice slide’ which is an ice grotto inside the glacier with ice sculptures.

Best Time to Visit 

Between June to September

4. Mount Jungfraujoch.

Mountains in Switzerland

It is one of the glorious journeys by cogwheel train or cable car covering the ways of the valley floor in Interlaken town to the eternal snow of the Bernese Alps. Jungfraujoch has an altitude of 3454 m.

How To Reach Jungfraujoch?

It can be reached by the cogwheel train from the mountain train station of Kleine Scheidegg. Scheidegg can be reached from the town of Interlaken.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Jungfraujoch is situated in between the mountains Mönch and Jungfrau, in the heart of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage property “Jungfrau – Aletsch – Bietschhorn”.
  • Appealing things of this place are the ‘Grosser Aletsch glacier and surrounding mountains in the snow.
  • For the chocolate lovers, Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven is your place where you will get an idea about the history and how the chocolate is made. And you can buy delectable chocolates here.
  • For hiking, you can go across the glacier to the Mönchsjoch hut, a mountain hut in about an hour.
  • Lastly, there are several exhibitions and informative multimedia shows organized.

Best Time to Visit: 

Jungfraujoch should be explored from May to September.

5. Mount Rigi

highest mountain switzerland

Mount Rigi is located near the cities of Zurich and Luzern and is known as the ‘Queen of Mountains’ by its locals. This place is best for hiking lovers as it provides 120 km long trails.

How to Reach Mount Rigi ?

You can take either boat or bus from Vitzanu to Rigi

Tourist Attractions

  • It is a grand peninsula on lake Lucerne and provides the most pleasurable mountain experience with lovely views of over 13 lakes and the magnificent snow-capped Swiss Alps.
  • Mount Rigi comprises of meadows, forests, abundant fauna and grazing cows. Also, there are mineral baths and delightful terraces.
  • There are two trips are ‘Majestic Round trip’ and ‘Classic Road trip’ through which you can enjoy the exquisite views.

Best time to visit

It is open all year- round. You can visit anytime here.

6. Harder Kulm

switzerland mountains

It is a trip with ease, where you can the charming views of Bernese Oberland. Harder Kulm is a mountain at 1321 located above the tourist town of Interlaken.

How to reach Harder Kulm?

We have to take a funicular ride to reach here from the railway station of Interlaken Ost.

Tourist Attractions:

  • Kulm has a splendid platform supported by steel construction. It’s called the “Two Lakes Bridge,” where visitors can look down onto Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.
  • There is even a panoramic restaurant that serves authentic swiss food at brunch, lunch and dinner.

 Best Time to Visit

From May to October daily live folklore shows take place in the late afternoon and early evening where we get to know about Swiss traditions.

7.  Mannlichen

Mountains of Switzerland

It is a 2343 m high mountain in Switzerland’s famous Jungfrau Region. It is reachable in two ways: by cable car from Wengen and by gondola from Grindewald.

How to Reach Mannlichen?

It can be reached in two ways: by cable car from Wengen and by gondola from Grindewald.

From Wengen, in the summer months, you can enjoy the 6 minutes ride in the open air. This is known as ‘Royal Ride’.

Tourist Attractions

  • The stunning view here is Switzerland’s famous mountain trio of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.
  • Mannlichen is the starting point of hikes and offers quite easy hiking trails.

Best Time to Visit 

From May to October

8. Gornergrat

Mountains of Switzerland

This is another way to the grandeur of the Swiss Alps at 3090 m. There are lovely views of Matterhorn and Monte Rosa Massif including “Dufourspitze (4634 m), which is the highest peak in Switzerland.”

How to reach Gornergrat?

The Gornergrat can be reached by cogwheel train from Zermatt.

Tourist Attraction

An amazing experience we can take at Gornergrat is a virtual paragliding flight with 3D glasses, a 4- season experience and periscopes to get a close look.

Best time to visit 

  • Winter to Spring (December – April)
  • Summer to Autumn (May – November)

9. Schilthorn

highest mountain in switzerland

This place is quite famous because Schilthorn was shown in the James Bond Movie ‘On her Majesty’ Secret Service’.

How to reach Schilthorn?

The Schilthorn can be reached by a cable car from Murren. And Murren can be reached from the town of Interlaken

You can’t afford to miss the Schilthorn trip by cable car. As the car crosses deep ravines offering pleasing views.

Tourist Attraction

The best thing about this place is the revolving panoramic restaurant which was first in the world of its kind.

Best Time to visit 

It is open all year round. You can visit here in any season.

10. Mount Eiger

best places to visit in switzerland

It is one of the most famous mountains in the world because of its inimitable beauty. Eiger is part of the Bernese Alps in the canton of Berne.

How to reach Mount Eiger?

To reach the Eiger trail, one has to take the train, from Grindelwald up to Kleine Scheidegg. Here you have to change the train riding from Jungfrau train up one stop up to Eigergletscher.

Tourist Attractions

  • Mount Eiger is known for its infamous northern side known as Mordwand. It is fully enveloped by rock and ice, so it is difficult to climb here.
  • Lastly, “It offers the best view of the villages of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen.” It is one of the difficult Mountains in Switzerland.

Best Time to visit 

June to September.


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