10 Real Benefits Of Giloy Juice- The Magical Covid Herb of 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has made us heavily rely on Giloy ever since before. Now, it’s available in almost all forms- capsules, tablets, powder, and herbal concoctions- to improve immunity. But Giloy is more than just an immunity booster. What if we tell you this magical herb can make you slim? That’s true! The benefits of Giloy Juice are extended to almost all common skin and health issues like obesity to severe diseases like cancer as well.

If you’ve never heard about this root of immortality (Amrita as called in Sanskrit), you’ll get to know it here. Also, we have a simple recipe to make giloy juice at home so that you get the real benefits of this natural healer. Here we go!

What Is Giloy And Its Benefits?

giloy benefits

Unlike other herbs, one can easily identify Giloy. It has heart-shaped leaves and uneven stems. Though it looks like a plant, Amrita is a herb with several names such as Jwarari, Devinirmita, Madhuparni, Somvalli, and more. Its scientific name is Tinospora Cordifolia.

All its parts from stem to leaf and roots are important and used to treat a wide range of health problems. In Ayurvedic language, Giloy can ward off Vata and Kapha dosha and helps achieve the balance of the body’s chakra.

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Benefits Of Giloy Juice

benefits of giloy juice

Gaduchi or Giloy is anti-pyretic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, and rich in essential vitamins which give it benefits other than just making you super immune. Here are all benefits of Giloy juice:

1. It is widely used for managing dengue and hay fever( allergic rhinitis)

2. Giloy is a blessing for diabetic patients as it helps to balance blood glucose levels. According to Ayurveda, it does so by suppressing the formation of a toxin called Ama that leads to stomach issues

3. Its anti-proliferative and Rasayana properties make it a wonderful ingredient for cancer patients especially breast cancer.

4. Drinking Giloy juice or consuming capsules lead to better metabolism thus reducing high cholesterol level

5. Arthritis patients can get relief from pain and inflammation by consuming Giloy daily as it improves the immune system of the body.

6. Indigestion, diarrhea, or any other stomach issues can be prevented by taking a quarter to half teaspoon of Giloy powder with lukewarm water after a meal.

7. It can also be used to improve vision

8. You might have never heard of the anti-aging benefits of Giloy juice but this can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines giving you youthful and flawless skin.

9. Experts say Giloy juice is highly beneficial for Asthmatic patients too

10. Lastly, this super healthy drink also has mental health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety

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How To Make Giloy Juice At Home?

Almost all Ayurvedic facilities serve Giloy juice but making it at home ensures you get everything fresh. It tastes a bit bitter so many may find it unpleasant but it’s super healthy. So, if you manage to get its stem, here’s the recipe to be followed:

benefits of giloy juice


• 5-6 Giloy stems
• Basil leaves- a handful
• Ginger- 1 inch
• Water- 1 glass

Method– Wash and peel the stems. Cut into pieces so that it can easily be blended. Add all ingredients into the processor and blend. Strain the juice and drink fresh. You can also boil the pieces of stems and try this lukewarm juice.

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Can I Drink It Daily?

One glass per day in the morning is sufficient to reap all these benefits of Giloy juice. Also, remember to take it empty stomach. If you are taking one from the market, consume only a few drops with a glass of water.

In case you have any prior health issues, please consult a doctor.

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