10 Luxurious amenities offered by the world’s most luxurious flight


Now Etihad airway it is a UAE airlines that will offer the most expensive flight service all over the world.   It is the most luxurious flight.  It only covers major destinations like London, Abu Dhabi in its route.  There are so many luxury facility offered by this airline.

Via: dailymail.co.uk

While luxury apartments provided to the customer those are travelling in business, first class, and economy class will get so comfy facilities. This service is mainly launched for the premium customers who prefer travelling in the summer for vacations.

Check out these costliest flight offered facilities:

1-Airbus A380, This plane residence is completely equipped with the lavish facilities.

2-Flight is the first flight that is equipped with an apartment and also a business studio.

business studio

3-This deluxe flight even provides a bar, lobby, and lounge for the premium customers.

4-Premium customers in the flight also offered an apartment that is equipped with three rooms.

luxuriou flight

5-Flight apartment includes a spacious bedroom, extravagant living room, and adorned restroom.

6-Living room in flight is well-equipped with a two-way folding dining and a leather double sofa.

most expensive

7-The posh bedrooms also contain flat TV of 32inch.

8-Executive chefs and Butlers will be all time ready to serve you whatever you want.


9-Business class travelers allotted a separate cabin.

10-There is also a small hall that is allotted for meetings.


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