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Same to Same! 10 Indian Cities That Share Names With Other Cities of the World

Where is Hyderabad? India would be the answer but do you know Hyderabad is in Pakistan. Well, that is no wonder as these two countries were one before partition. What if we tell you that there is Patna in U.S and Bali in Rajasthan. You may call us our G.K. is bad but these famous Indian cities are really around the world. Check our list of Indian cities that share names.

Indian Cities With Same Names Outside India

1. Hyderabadhyderabad in pakistan

This Nawabi town of India is very famous for different types of biryanis and architectural masterpieces. You may not get the same vibe anywhere else but Hyderabad in Pakistan can feel like its little cousin. Both are painted in royal colors of history.

2. Patnaindian cities that share names

When we talk about Bihar, Patna’s name is always on the top. This beautiful city has been important since 600B.C and has many historical places to visit. You won’t find the rich culture and friendly people of Patna anywhere else but Scotland has a village in East Ayrshire with the same name.

The town is established by a man named William Fullarton whose father used to work with East India Company.

3. Kochi

kochi in japanKochi is Kerala’s most important city and is observed as its financial, commercial and industrial capital. The city is also dubbed as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. But, Kochi in Japan is no different. It is very beautiful city in the island of Shikoku and famous for being the birthplace of Samurai Ryoma Sakamoto.

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4. Delhiindian cities that share names

Delhi is the backbone of India and its most important city. In United States, Delhi is a small town in the located in New York City and has a population of only 5,117. On the other hand, India’s capital has population of 1.9 crores and is one of the most polluted cities in the world.

5. Indoreindore in west virginia

We all are familiar with Madhya Pradesh’s most populous city, Indore. Its night market and 7-story Rajwada Palace are famous all over India. But West Virginia’s Indore is quite different. It is an unincorporated community in the United States and has beautiful surroundings.

6. Balibali indonesia

You must have thought there is only one Bali in the world and that is in Indonesia. Well, you are wrong. Rajasthan has Bali too but not with islands and beaches. The town is surrounded by walls and situated on the bank of Mithari River.

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7. Thaneindian cities that share names

Maharashtra’s City of Lakes is nationwide famous for the old Hindu temples, tree-lined lakes, and national parks. There is a second Thane in Queensland of Australia. The town is very small and one of the best places to visit for an escape. It had only 27 people at the time of 2016 census.

8. Baroda

baroda michigan

Gujarat’s khakra, fafda-jalebi, dhokla, and many more delicious foods are the legacy of Baroda. The city shares its name with Baroda in Michigan, United States. Unlike that in Gujarat, this village is very small and has less population.

9. Madrasmadras oregon

Chennai also known as Madras is also found in Oregon. The city is famous for its panoramic views and range of outdoor recreational activities among tourists.

10. Salem

salem michigan

The beauty of this city of Tamil Nadu is that it has the oldest temples of India which are worth a visit. On the other hand, Salem in Massachusetts has a bad history. It is said that locals of saleem used to practice witchcraft for which they were executed.

These were the 10 Indian cities that share names, so when the next time you visit these countries make sure to have a short trip to these places as well.

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