Day by day temperature is rising. Struggling with sweaty pants, tossing on the bed, taking a shower twice a day, to feel coolness opening fridge, again and again, spending days in the house, all these are truly awful and irritating.  Especially when you do not have AC in your house.

Now, what to do?  Well, it’s not difficult to keep your house fresh and cool in this heat and humid without air conditioning appliance. So let’s start:

1) Make a strategy to leave windows open

credit:Anthony West

If you woke up early, open the windows in the morning time as outside its cold and shut them in the afternoon time. Then again in the evening open the windows and let the cool air come in.

2) Unplug the electronic appliances

credit: WWF-Australia

I know this could not be easy, however, it’s important to unplug appliances in summer as they get hot easily.

3) Cover the doors and windows


Yes, you can cover the gates and windows with curtains or any clothes. It is very helpful and simple way to beat the heat. You can also use a towel to cover the bottom part of the door. This will stop hot air from getting inside.

4) Cold Drinks

credit:1912 Pike

Keeping yourself cool in summer is also important. Sip some cold coffees, iced drinks. You can also dip your legs in cold water this will give you freshness.

5) Ice and Fan


I know this may sound you funny, but trust me it is extremely useful. Just put some water in a large bowl keep this inside the freezer. Once it becomes ice bring it near the fan and start the fan. This will give you cool breeze in your home.

6) Cool only one part of the home

credit: google

Instead of cooling the whole house lets just try to cool one room. Close all the rooms that are not in use and focus the one that you are using.

7) Use of exhaust fans

credit: google

The best time to bring Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to use.

8) Plant trees


Trust me planting trees and plants is one of the best ways to shield against sunlight. And guess what they aren’t expensive at all as compared to Air conditioners. From this, you can take benefit all the seasons.

9) Minimise cooking, showering or drying clothes


It is significant to reduce doing any such things that can cause a lot of humidity in the house. For this, you should minimize washing clothes and shower too frequently.

And if you are doing these things often then don’t forget to use an Exhaust fan to remove the humidity.

10) Heat-reflecting films

credit:Window Designs

Before summer starts let’s make some arrangements in advance. installing heat-reflecting films on your house windows is the best way to block the sun from coming inside the house. This will not let the sunlight enters your house thus keep the house cool from inside.