10 Effective Home Remedies for Instant Constipation Relief

Do you spend a lot of time in the toilet struggling with passing stools easily? Or Have you not pooped for days and thought why does it happen? These are the signs of constipation which cause either infrequent bowel movements or hard stools.

You don’t have to rush hospital for an issue that you can treat yourself at home. There are few proven home remedies for constipation that works almost for everyone whether adults or kids. Let’s fix it today.

Home Remedies for Constipation to Help you Poop Easily 

#1. Drink Milk with Ghee

home remedy for constipation

That’s sound ineffective but milk with ghee is an old and proven remedy for constipation for instant relief. Their powerful properties help you with tummy issues and ghee as a laxative makes the passage of waste smooth throughout the lining.

How to use– Take a hot cup of milk and add 2 tablespoons of ghee. Drink right before going to the bed and let this magic remedy works overnight. The next morning, you’d feel light on your tummy and can easily go to the toilet.

If you are using this remedy for constipation for kids, use only half a tablespoon of ghee. Make sure your kid is not allergic to it.

#2. Eat Dalia

home remedies for constipation

If milk and ghee taste bad to you, try eating Dalia for constipation relief. This broken wheat breakfast is a natural laxative and full of the goodness of fiber. Thus, Dalia is easy to digest and also flush out the toxins and waste blocking the intestine easily.

#3. Include Fig in Your Diet

anjeer for constipation

Fig or Anjeer is one of the best foods to eat during constipation and is also a natural remedy for instant relief. This small fruit works due to its rechana properties as per Ayurveda. Scientific studies on anjeer have also proved that anjeer is good to treat chronic constipation.

However, you should not be eating too many figs as it causes weight gain. 2-3 soaked anjeers are enough for easing the bowel movements.

#4. Sesame Seeds

home remedies for constipation

Sesame or til helps in softening the stools so that it can easily move throughout the intestine. And these tiny white seeds not only helps in constipation but are also good for preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

Why does it work? Sesame seeds have natural essential oils that add moisture to the gastrointestinal tract. Its fiber content makes the digestion process easier and makes bowel movement easy.

However, sesame seeds do not work for everyone. Some may have allergies to the seeds that is why one must not give this home remedy for constipation to anyone without doctor’s consult.

#5. Raisin Water

home remedies for constipation

People with poor digestion and chronic constipation issue can take raisin water. It has an abundance of good antioxidants such as quercetin, ferulic acid, and rutin which prevent the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Raisins also have a good amount of iron which is why doctors recommend raisins to people suffering from anemia. So, soak a few raisins in water overnight or at least 8 hours and drink the water the next day. You can even eat soaked raisins for getting relief from constipation.

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#6. Bananas for instant relief

bananas for constipation

One of the best home remedies for constipation is yellow ripe bananas. They are high dietary fiber food that helps stools stay soft so that they can move easily. It gives instant relief and also improves digestion greatly. But don’t eat too many as bananas can have the reverse effect and leave you constipated due to the ingestion of lots of tannic acids.

#7. Try Magical Mulethi

home remedies for constipation

Ayurveda believes mulethi as one of the most effective home remedies for constipation. This root has glycyrrhizin and carbenoxolone which treats several digestive problems besides constipation.

Mulethi or licorice root works in treating issues like high cholesterol, depression, sore throat and cough, and even skin disorders.

How to use- Add powder mulethi in a cup of milk and drink before sleeping or simply chew it. You can even add jaggery to the milk with mulethi to enhance its taste.

#8. ‘Senna Hi Lena’

remedy for constipation

Senna is an FDA-approved home remedy for constipation in the US and is even recommended in Ayurveda for short-term relief. These are leaves for a plant called Senna alexandrina and are available in liquid, powder, and tablet form.

Anyone can take Senna for better bowel movements. However, it takes time in the daytime and works better during the night. So, take Senna tablets or powder once a day before bedtime and let it work.

It is likely safe but should not be consumed for more than a week. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not try this remedy for constipation as it’s risky for them.

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#9. Prune Juice

prune juice for constipation

Studies show that prune juice is effective in treating constipation and improves the ability to produce stool.

How to use- Take 2 litres of water and add 300 grams of prunes, mix both in a pot and let it steep for two minutes. Blend the mixture once it gets cool down and seive the juice. Drink chilled or whenever you feel good.

If you don’t have prunes, you can drink lemon water as it keeps your body hydrated.

#10. Eat Dahi

home remedies for constipation for toddlers

Dahi or yogurt is a probiotic food that is known for balancing the gut bacteria and increasing stools’ consistency. So, if you got no access to the above home remedies for constipation, dahi will help you poop.

If you are using these remedies for constipation on kids then be careful as some may cause irritation and allergy. Talk to the doctor about what you can give to the babies in this case.

[ Disclaimer- We do not recommend using any of these remedies if you have allergies or existing digestive issues. Consult your doctor before trying remedy for constipation]


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