Finding that one special person  that will hold your hand forever not only in good but also in your bad times is really hard to find these days. In this era you will mostly find people who flirts with you but the same time you can watch they flirts with every girl like the same way they do with you.

Fortunately history dating tips id here to help you. These history dating tips surely help you out to find the that special one for you this valentine.

#1 Fans for flirting:

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

In the 18th century Europe fans were become the most popular dating tool as well as fashion accessory. Woman soon come to know that fan can be used more than just an accessory. Then they started using it as a “sign language” in order  to flirt with male admirers. So if a woman is carrying a fan in left hand it shows that they are interested in striking a conversation and if they hide their eyes behind fan this means “ I Love You”.

#2 Bid for a wife at Marriage Market

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

In past Herodotus wrote of an ancient Babylonian which ensures every person found a perfect match for them including the poorest and the ugliest women.they went to the market where men started bidding for a wife. First the beautiful women were bid and for ugliest looking women bidders were paid as dowry.

This marriage market was open for all even for the people who lives in other villages. In case if any marriage didn’t work out the sale come out with a money back guarantee.

#3 Sharing of secret language:

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

We all know that privacy is extremely important to lovers no matter whether the relation is new or old. But privacy was the major issues in history for lovers. It was difficult for lovers to escape for a while from the prying eyes of parents.

So in history lovers started using a secret language to whisper secret message. It was said that Alva Edison used Morse code in order to communicate with his soulmate Mina Miller at the time of their courtship days. Even the scientist proposed Miller in Morse code.

#4 No drink in front of in-laws

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

Impressing the parents of your soulmate may not be so important in this era, but in past it plays a vital role. The bride needed her parents permission to marry the person she love.

The best way of impressing parents in ancient times is to become a good men. If you drink in front of your in-laws it might not give the good impression. It was considered as the best dating tips for ancient men to i press any parents.

#5 Be Practical


Sometimes expensive gifts not needed to impress a girl/boy. In ancient Egypt if a girl moves her stuff from her parents house to a man’s house this means they were married. Egyptians had no interest for any rituals and ceremonies. Only a prenuptial agreement was connected between the man and girls; father only to fix who will get what in case marriage didn’t work out.

#6 Spending Some quality time together

Credit: Listverse

History has never been shy about making it clear that a girl’s place was at home while the boys or man went out and did things. It was also important and allowed in ancient time to spend some quality time with your partner. Even in  the middle of battles Teutonic women and men could some special time together which is important today also as much in past.

#7 Magic of Love Potion


People who couldn’t get the love of their life often make use of potion that will help them to fall in love, it increase libido and also cure impotence. Almost every culture have some kind of drinks and food to increase libido this will make people fall in love. The ingredients used in making of love potion are aphrodisiacs which genuinely gives positive effects.

#8 Write your feelings:

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

We have seen so many people who are not good at expressing what they feel, so such people feel better in writing their feelings in a love poem. Not only in this era, in ancient times also people write their feelings. Those people have poems and sagas filled with stories of love.

#9 Exchange gifts

Credit:Ancient History Encyclopedia

All through the history, exchanging gifts has been considered as the most important dating tips. Some cultures has a bride-wealth or bride price i which the groom had to give money, wealth or land to his wife’s family. In other culture its called dowry in which the father of a bride had to give money or land to groom’s family.

#10 Grabbing a girl


Some of the gypsy tribes in central Africa and Asia has a ritual called as grabbing  girl. Gypsy girls were known for their purity and were not allowed to date anyone. In case if a man likes a girl and to express his feeling, they would just grab a girl away from their parents. In this era it is considered as crime but in verbal coercion it does help sometimes.

Yes, some dating tips really weird in ancient times but out of these some might be useful to you to get that special partner this valentine. So if you love someone try to spend some quality with them, exchange gifts and make them feel special hope they soon realise that you love them and accept you as their life partner.