10 common nightmares and what they mean

You may found your one of the common nightmare on this list

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We sleep with a peaceful mind but after we sleep we see dreams, you may  call it nightmares. Some said what you do and see in the overall day that revolves in your mind and recall it in your dreams. But yes it is true but not completely true. Sometimes you had very unique dreams that disturbs your mind completely and you want to know anyhow the meaning of your nightmare.

So today i am going to reveal the meanings of some common nightmares we all see and you should be aware of.

Snake nightmares:

A dream about snake can have so many meanings. The common meaning is the transformation or healing of yourself as snakes sheds their skin. Also it can mean that you are facing some difficult situation.

Drowning nightmares:

Many of us see nightmares of drowning even i m among them those who dreams of drowning.  This have a  bad meaning that shows a struggle in your life. This struggle could be related to your family, job relationship etc.

Babies nightmares:


This nightmare symbolises a desire to produce baby, or you need feel loved. This not have any bad meaning it is the feeling of being loved by someone.

Falling nightmares:

It is a very common dream sign that is related to our  anxiety or fear of letting go, somehow falling after achieving success or losing control.

Being chased nightmares:


This is the most common nightmare symbol in all cultures. It shows you are feeling bullied. So shows one who’s chasing you this may shows that someone is chasing you in real life.

Food nightmares:


Food is said to show knowledge as it nourishes our body just like information nourishes our brain. But it could just be only food.

Teeth Nightmares:


Usually people see losing their teeth in dreams this means you feel unattractive to others and also you fear of getting old.

Being Trapped Nightmares:

It is another very common nightmare, it represents real life helplessness to escape from situation and make the right decision.

Water nightmares:


Nightmare of water comes in various forms, like you are drowning in water, you are in pool etc.  but different forms means different meanings. If you see clam pool water than it shows peace of mind and if you see ocean creepy water than it suggest unease in your life.

Nightmares of Death:


Dreaming about death is not big but dreaming about your own death could be alarming. But, not always the meaning is bad. Generally it symbolises the end of something. This can be a phase, job, relationship or even your life.

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