10 Brand Logos And Their Hidden Meanings

Branding is an important element in the marketing industry. Your brand is recognized by the logo you give to it. In short, your brand logo becomes an identity of your presence. Many big companies have their logo designed and did you know the story behind them?
Go on reading as we will tell you the story behind some popular brand logos.

1. Amazon

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The online shop Amazon has a very interesting logo that justifies its services as well. The arrow under A that extends till Z indicates that they deliver everything and also the arrow forms the shape of a smile. This indicates that they want customer satisfaction.

2. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins
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You might have tried yummy ice creams at Baskin Robbins, but did you observe the logo and tried to decode it? The popular brand has very cleverly inserted the number of flavors they have. How? Observe the B and R written between Baskin Robbins. Noticed the number 31? That is the significance of their logo.

3. FedEx

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FedEx is a popular brand name which provides shipping services. The logo has been kept simple including basic color combination. But what makes this brand stand out is the hidden arrow between E and X. The arrow represents the continued forward movement. The arrow marks speed and precision in the right direction.

4. Unilever

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Unilever is a brand that markets many products. The logo which is a big U which is made up of their products is quite an interesting design to show what they sell with strong branding.

5. Audi

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As luxurious and classy the car is, the logo is nowhere less. The logo kept incredibly simple yet defining the idea behind the company is just amazing. The logo of Audi has four rings joined which denote the four companies that united to create one brand named “Audi”, Auto Union.

6. Apple

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Apple is a company known by almost everyone but the half-eaten apple has a lot more significance to it. While designing the company’s logo, Rob Yanov, the designer of the logo took a ‘bite’ from apple and instantly related it to ‘Byte’ and that is how Apple company got its logo.

7. Pinterest

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Pinterest allows you to pin down things that you feel are important and need to be saved. The logo represents the ‘pinning’ of your thoughts. In simple language, we can also say that the logo represents a Pin that you put on a board to clip your important notes.

8. Adidas

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Adidas is a brand famously known for sportswear. The logo has stripes above the brand name. Those strips staggered to look like a mountain which defined the company’s goals. You have to overcome everything that comes in your path and keep moving forward.

9. Beats

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Beats is an audio equipment company which is based in the USA. The logo of the company represents a human ear with headphones on it. Never looked at it that way? The company has very cleverly used it’s brand name to define what it serves.

10. Formula 1

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If you look carefully at the letter F and the white stripes, you will notice that the red stripes combine with F to make the number 1. The very creative idea implemented by the company. Also, the red stripes denote the great speed achieved by Formula F1 cars.
These explanations have added a lot more significance to the logos you thought meant mothing. Right? Now next time you can very well flaunt your knowledge about them.

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