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Although the city of Venice is famous for the streets without any roads, there are other places in the world where there is no road but people travel by boat only. One such place is in the Netherlands where the Chinese tourists are full of pompousness. What kind of town is this …


Giethoorn, famous from the most beautiful town in the Netherlands, is also called ‘Fairy Tale Village’. In this place called ‘Little Venice’, Chinese tourists are more likely. About 1.5 to 2 lakhs in a year. It was famous since Dutch filmmaker Bert Hansestadt showed this town in his film.

Police officers also walk by boat

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There are about 2,600 people living here and they do not have anything like a car, taxi, motorcycle to come and go. The entire town is on the banks of the canal and there are 180 wooden bridges. The boat is the only way to go and go. Even postmen and police officers also walk by boat. For daily needs, the retail store has to go by boat too.

7.30 hours walking in 75 euros

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This place is full of tourists to see the place. Here it is rotated to 75 euro in 7.30 hours so that people can see this beautiful town and save the memories here.