If you are fond of living, then ever your age cant stop  you from moving forward. This happens not only in movies, but also in reality. Actually, for some people, age is just a name game and these are the living proofs, these 5 elderly people born in the 80’s.

So let us introduce you to these 5 big-hearted and courageous people so that you can learn new ways of living with them:

1. Tao Porchon-Lynch


Who is the world’s oldest Yoga teacher?

A yoga guru and award winning author Tao will be coming to the full 100 years on August 13. She was only 8 years old, when she started learning Yoga. Along with this, ABC World News has given them status of ‘Real Life Forrest Gump’ in November 2015.

The only basic spell of Tao’s happy life is that ‘anything is possible and there is nothing impossible’, ‘When you wake up in the morning, say that today will prove to be the best day of my life and it will really happen.’

2. Masazo Nonaka

credit:Sky News

Who is the oldest men in the world?

Nonaka was born on 25th July 1905. Now he has been 112 years and 259 days and is on a wheelchair, and he is living his life with passion. In the spare time, they like to see newspapers, sumo wrestling and drama drama.

3- Nabi Tajima

credit: youtube

Who is the world’s oldest woman?

Nabi, born on August 4, 1900 in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture, has been 117 years old and in September 2017 she was declared the world’s oldest surviving woman.


4- Mastanamma


Who is the World’s Oldest YouTuber and Chef?

The 106-year-old Mastanamma living in Andhra Pradesh is the world’s oldest YouTuber. Mastanamma’s channel is run by her grandson K. Laxman, on which you can see her making food.

5- Whang-od Oggay

credit:The New York Times

Who is the world’s oldest tattoo artist?

This Tattoo Artist, that Tattooist is also known as Maria Oggay. Born on February 17, 1917, Oggay has spent 101 years of her life, from the age of 15,she started tattooing.