Kamini raises her hand to slap Priyanka, however Shivaay holds her back. He threatens to require action against her if she repeats her act and asks her to depart. Kamini and Ranveer go.

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While Mahi gains consciousness and begins to think about ways in which to flee from the area, the Oberois devise an inspiration to handle him and not let the case quit of hand. Shivaay tells Anika that he has mounted a huntsman with Mahi, therefore where he goes, the commandos are going to be able to catch him. He too leaves to travel and notice Mahi.

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Mahi smartly manages to form the huntsman follow Shivaay by employing a manduction gum. once the commandos return, they catch hold of Shivaay rather than Mahi.

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Anika thanks god for resolution their troubles. however simply then realizes that it’s Mahi United Nations agency is free and not her Shivaay. She shouts Shivaay and runs to prevent the commandos. The commandos ar confused between Shivaay and Mahi. on the other hand once Mahi begins to run, they notice that he’s faux.

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Kamini decides to kill Shivaay and points a gun at him. Anika is appalled to examine her doing this.