Vishnu Purana

The very first question comes to your mind is what is Vishnu Purana?

Vishnu Purana is among one of the eighteen Maha Puranas. It is a form of ancient text in Hindu religion. the Do’s and Don’ts are mentioned in the Vishnu Purana and have its contents in Pancalaksana format- Sarga (cosmogony), Pratisarga (cosmology), Vamsa (mythical ancestry of the Gods, sages, and Kings), Manvantara (cosmic cycles), and Vamsanucaritam (saga during the times of different kings).

  • Composition of Vishnu Purana

The actual text comprises of six parts (amsas) and 126 chapters (adhvavas). The first part of Vishnu Purana consists of 22 chapters and the second part has 16 chapters in it. The third comprises of 18 chapters and the fourth one is of 24 chapters. The fifth part is the longest with 38 chapters and the latter, sixth one with the shortest of 8 chapters.

  • Contents of Vishnu Purana

Vishnu Purana starts with a conversation between the Saga Maitreva and his Guru, Sage Parashar. Vishnu Purana consists of 6 amsa’s (parts)- First amsa is Cosmology; Second amsa: earth; Third amsa: Time; Fourth amsa: Dynasties; fifth amsa: Lord Krishna; Sixth amsa: Freedom.

Life Lessons in Vishnu Purana

Vishnu Purana has given knowledge about certain daily chores that should be done and followed. What are they? Let’s find out.

Do’s of Vishnu Purana:

  • Bathing

Bathing is an important human need. However, an excess of it or bathing for a long time can lead to sickness in humans. One should make sure that bath for a very precise time and meet the purpose of cleanliness as it should be done as soon as possible.

  • Sleeping

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Sleeping habit is a point of concern. Both, sleeping less or sleeping more is an invitation to lots of problems. Sleep at a proper time and wake up early in the morning, as according to Vishnu Puran wake up in Brahmamuhurata.

  • Fulfilment

Physical relation between a man and a woman should also be moderate as it leads to lots of trouble in life.  There is no logical explanation to it fact, it has to be more divine growth together between a man and women keeping cosmology in mind.

  • Exercise

Very important part of one’s life is exercising. However, we should not exercise excessively. It should be done according to the requirement of every individual. As body type of every single individual varies.

Life beyond Daily Chores

Vishnu Purana has also mentioned about the things that a person shouldn’t do and it is important that we should know these. What are the other things there? Have a look to the don’ts!

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  • Never be at Crossroads

One should never go or cross from a crossroad during the night time. It is believed that during the night time, there is the presence of negative energy and elements. A common man might have faced difficulties, thus it should be avoided.

  • Visiting the Graveyard

A person should avoid going to the burial place during night time. There are always negative energies active and it may act as a barrier to our system. Also, smoke which emits from the large fire is very harmful to heart and lungs.

  • Distance from dark

Yes, one should stay away from the confused or characterless people. These people act out on their instincts during the night, thus one should stay away from these people and be free from the debts.