Carom Seeds, Our Body

The most attractive benefit of carom seeds is its ability to improve the hair growth, to bring its shininess. It also supports good digestion, helpful in weight loss efforts, boosts respiratory health, among others.
The common name of Carrom Seeds is Ajwain.

Carom Seeds Nutrition

In natural medicines, Carom seeds are highly valuable which contain effective essential oils, which also contain compounds like thymol, limonene, pinene, and terpinene. Carom Seeds contributes to a small addition of dietary fiber and various other antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Because of its increasing popularity, it is important to understand something more about the promising benefits of this herb to your health.

Hair Care

People whom hairs are turning slightly gray in color a bit before time; consumption of carom seeds is a famous traditional remedy. Early in the morning, try to drink a glass of hot water mixed with carom seeds, then its high antioxidant and mineral content can help to promote the health of the hair so that you are looking younger for years.

Weight Loss


The carom seeds have the ability to motivate hunger, despite there are eliminatory properties and can accelerate the digestive process. It will help your body to pull nutrients and stop excess storage of fat. Carom seeds can also increase metabolism, which helps in weight loss efforts. Some people like to drink boiled hot water with carom seeds, especially after food, to help in weight loss.

Skin Care

Carom seeds are extremely beneficial in improving the overall maintaining the skin issues, by reducing the occurrence of boils, acne, and other skin problems. It also prevents acne scars and can be used in the treatment of eczema (red flaky skin).

Aid in Digestion

Carom seeds are regularly consumed before or after meals and mainly known as a digestive aid. It helps to improve and promote the release of gastric juices. It is also well known to eliminate constipation problem, which prevents bowel movements and also reduces the risk of gastric ulcer and colorectal cancer.

Reduce Acidity

Ajwain is very well known to prevent the stomach problems for generations. And it also reduces acidity in the gut, which stops the excess production of gas in the stomach.

Boost Respiratory Health & Treat Asthma

Carom seeds contain an active ingredient called, thymol which is present in the seeds have powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it a perfect solution for throat swelling and other infections of the respiratory system.
It can be a quick and easy remedy to crush the carom seeds and then mix them with water to give relief to your respiratory tract, treat a cough, and promote the removal of mucus and phlegm. It also helps prevent asthma from happening.

Boost Immune System

These seeds contain essential oils which are a strong antioxidant and has antiviral properties that promote and strengths the immune system. In order to try this for boosting your immunity. Eat these seeds raw, or boil them in water, or you can make the powder of these seeds and sprinkle them in various dishes or sauces, thymol and limonin help in eliminating dangerous pathogens and infection before they can attack your body.

Prevent Chronic Diseases

Reduction of oxidative stress in particular parts of the body is because of the antioxidants present in carom seeds like terpinene and pinene. Oxidative stress is caused because of free radicals, produced as a result of cellular respiration, but it may result in inflammation and mutation of healthy cells. This gives rise to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases. These magical seeds have a huge impact on these conditions.

Soothe Inflammation

The properties of carom seeds like antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, help in easing the discomfort and pain of arthritis, as well as other inflammatory conditions. It provides relief starting from gout and psoriasis to joint pain or a recent injury, soaking the affected part of the body in water mixed with carom seeds can help reduce swelling.

Stimulate Sex Drive

Strange evidence indicates Carom seeds act as an excellent promoter for both sex drive of men and women. It can remove the issues of infertility as well as libido pumping. It can increase masculinity in men due to its natural seductive properties. The best way to take advantage of this is to roast the seeds and then mix them with butter or oil.

Promote Growth

The small amount of protein which is found in carom seeds helps in boosting growth and development throughout the body. The amino acids that are found in these proteins are important for the creation of cells and tissues in our body.

Cholesterol Balance

These seeds contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. So, you can maintain your cholesterol balance with regular consumption. Carom seeds also help to clean extra cholesterol as it contains the nutritious fiber, thus it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular complications.

Treat Headaches


Treatment of headaches or prevention of it is one of the most common uses of carom seeds. Sometimes, it is not necessary to eat these seeds, just apply the powder of carom seeds to the affected area. In the case of migraines, when you apply the crushed seeds as it can provide rapid relief from the pain.

Prevent a Toothache

Carom seeds give relief to aches in the tooth, by improving the overall gum and oral health. You can inhale the fumes from burning these seeds, as this will help in providing instant relief from a toothache.

Use in Cleaning Wounds

Carom Seeds can also be used for cleaning wounds, treating skin infections, and reducing the signs of marks or scars as they have great germicide and fungicide properties.

Act as a Mosquito Repellent

In carom seeds mix mustard oil. Apply it to cardboard pieces and then place them in the corners of your house to prevent mosquito bites and attacks. It can also reduce the risk of achieving mosquito-borne illnesses, like malaria.

Treat Cold & Asthma

Carom seeds prevent blockage of the nose and minimize the chances of cold and cough. This helps in promoting respiratory health and prevents the risk of conditions like asthma, influenza, and bronchitis.

Kidney stone

For the prevention of formation of kidney stones, consume carom seeds and thereby reducing the pain related to the condition.


Powder of carom seeds has also been effective in reducing pain related to piles. You can take the seeds with buttermilk and rock salt.

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