14 amazing facts about Beer that you should know

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Beer is one of the common beverages in the world. About 0.7% of world’s population consumes beer in a daily manner. That means more than 50 million people are drunk currently. Beer is the part of beverage which is survived in every part of the world. It includes the least amount of alcohol. Therefore it is preferred by a number of people in the world. Basically, the beer and alcohol are made with a number of products, but the fruit beer is loved one. It includes various positive health ingredients, so, taking it in an appropriate amount can provide better health experience. If look in its history, it has been consuming since 9000BC.

Know some interesting facts about beer or alcohol

Via: thegrowlerguys.com
Via: thegrowlerguys.com
  1. Ethanol is the main ingredient of the beer that has intoxicant property. That can better kill the germs available in the body. But taking the huge amount of it kills you too. So, you should avoid huge consumption of alcohol.
  2. Researcher shows that the beer also includes polyphenol which is the best ingredient to prevent any heart diseases. About 0.35 liter of beer bottle has an adequate amount of polyphenol that creates a protective layer over plasma antioxidants that can avoid any heart illness.
  3. Consuming three bottles of beer in a day, the cardiovascular advantages of beer are reversed. It happens due to the body creates ethanol also. This effects on the metabolism and reverse the beer benefits.
  4. In the Britain individually, about 93,000 liters beer lost every year in facial hair.
Via: people.cn
Via: people.cn
  1. Do you know that the name Beer is the Latin word which belongs to the Roman goddess of agriculture i.e. Ceres and Vis? The meaning of beer is a strength.
  2. Stanford University found that the beer bubbles make a gravity-defying loop. The bubbles heap up in the mid where frictional drag outside.
  3. The study shows that the foam is generated by the beer on top of the layer is made of complex carbon dioxide reactions.
  4. Beer is third in the list which is consumed in the world in huge after water and tea.
  5. The world most expensive beer costs £700 a bottle. It is Belgium’s La Vielle.
  6. In medieval Britain, people consumed beer greater than water.
Via: malegroomingacademy.com
Via: malegroomingacademy.com
  1. In the Czech Republic, people consume bear more than else an average amount of beer is 143 liters per head
  2. In 2002, the world’s largest beer met was manufactured by Carlsberg in Denmark. It was 49.21Ft which is equal to 15 meters in diameter.
  3. Marijuana beer: it is new, but beer and Marijuana are actually connected. The various flavors in beer are due to Cannabis sativa, the marijuana plants. The plants are most similar to each other. Also, these include about similar properties. They are similar enough to graft hops into marijuana and brew beer.
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Via: miaminewtimes.com
  1. Although it is rare the information is recorded that an early 19th-century shipwreck in Finland was found the oldest drinkable beer.

Though you can find thousands of beer facts some of the amazing facts are listed above in the content.